Artificial Grass For Dogs & Pets

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Is that once perfect and pristine lawn not looking as good as it used to? Being a dog owner has it’s many responsibilities taking care of the lawn being one of them. We can help you overcome your garden problems with our wide range of pet friendly artificial grass.

Although we offer 6 types of imitation grass all of which are equally suitable for dogs, we have found that all of our products are equally as popular.

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Many people considering the idea of fake turf have pets and readily ask us how they will react to this new artificial surface. The answer is they’ll be fine, dogs treat a fake lawn no differently to natural grass.

In fact you, your dog and the garden will all be better off. Here’s how and why:

Dogs find artificial turf soft and enjoyable to run around and play on and will readily ‘do their business’ on it. Available to them all year round, gone are the sun-dried, hard earth days, the too-muddy to play days and the days when they can’t play on the lawn because you’ve just put fertiliser or weed killer down or are planning to do the mowing.

Pet Friendly Usable all year round Ideal for dogs

You can enjoy your artificial lawn knowing it will be free from dog wear and tear and staining. The fake turf is permeable so any urine/wee drains through the surface and any faeces/poo can be removed easily. The fake grass fibres will take no harm from this. You will also have no more muddy patches to look at, no more muddy paws to clean.

The garden will not suffer from the effects of dog urine/faeces and will be the same, luscious green all year round, offering a safe and clean environment for you, your dog and your family to enjoy. We recommend that during prolonged dry periods that to help take away unwanted smells that you hose down and if required disinfect the grass. (Using a normal household disinfectant will not harm the product).

Owners of boarding kennels can also enjoy great benefits from installing a Fake grass dog run. As many boarding kennels owners will agree, having to maintain a quality grassed area for dogs to run and play is not easy. It’s especially difficult in the winter months when rain and colder weather can cause the natural grass to become muddy and damaged. For many kennel owners using their natural grass dog runs in winter is not an option.

You may not need the whole garden artificially grassed, then why not use artificial turf for just a dog run.

In some cases artificial lawns are used intensively for either sport or dog runs, with this in mind it is very important that the grass is installed correctly to prevent seams or edges becoming loose, as a result false grass has proved time and time again to be a durable and superior outdoor flooring surface.

If you feel that a fake turfed lawn will help you call us now on: 0800 668 1958 for a free site survey, free samples or just a chat on how we can help you.

Although artificial turf is a very durable product we cannot 100% guarantee that your four legged friend will not be able to either dig it up or possibly chew at the edges, as the behaviour and control of each animal varies greatly from dog to dog and owner to owner.

Listed below are 9 good reasons, why a fake lawn from Forever Green is ideal for dogs and the best solution for your lawn problems:

  • Manufactured In Europe.
  • No more heavy stained or yellow areas.
  • No more dog runs on the lawn.
  • No more brown spots.
  • No more muddy paw prints indoors.
  • Easily cleaned and ’pooped scooped’
  • Just simply hose down and disinfect.
  • All grasses are UV coloured stabilised.
  • 10 year UV warranty.
  • Usable all year round.

Apart from dogs, having an imitation grass lawn is ideal for many other types of pets, (including the children). Hard wearing and usable all year round, gone are the days of muddy paws and foot prints around the house from the children or the dog.

Such is the realism in looks it’s very hard to tell your garden has a fake lawn, ideal for many types of uses including front and back gardens, shaded areas, small inclines, pathways, decking, patios & rooftops the scope is huge. Our clients have ranged from schools, restaurants & offices along with being the perfect solution for the busy working household, the retired, handicapped, again almost anyone who prefers a more hassle free and low maintenance fake grass lawn.

Imitation grass prices have reduced in recent years along with fantastic improvements their appearance and texture. Gone are the days of heavy sand filled and short curled piled grasses. Today’s products are more tactile, realistic in their looks and are more user friendly.The modern day fake turf ranges have been designed specifically with the domestic user in mind and not heavy sports unlike the early product ranges and designs.

You can now turn drab and once unusable areas into a green and lush oasis, garden areas and play areas for children can now be used all year round.

With a fake turfed lawn in your garden you can sit back, relax and enjoy more leisure time, either with your partner, friends, family and pets.

We can offer a full supply and installation service, or for the DIY enthusiast, a supply only service to anywhere in the UK. As a major stockist in the UK we are now one of the leading suppliers for both domestic and for commercial market place.

Having used our extensive experience over the past 8 years, our research has enabled us to formulate the best four styles and products that appeal to both home users and commercial clients alike.

From the 25mm pile 4 tone California memory to the 36mm 4 tone mix Hamptons, you can rest assure that from our range of six top quality Fake grasses, we have one that is right for you. Not everyone likes their back or front garden lawn to look the same as next doors, so with our choice of four you can choose for yourself.

Ideal for animals, pets & children alike, as installers, our vast installation experience enables us to offer an unbiased and informed service based on your individual requirements. Apart from dogs & pets, artificial turf can be used for a huge variety of reasons, such as on pathways, rooftops, balconies, shaded areas, around pools, hotubs, over concreted areas, driveways, back & front gardens, around caravans, school playgrounds, nursery/pre-schools, flooring for indoors events the usage is vast.

We currently only offer a full install service covering Essex, Kent, London, Surrey & Sussex, for further details on our installation see:

We do offer a supply only service to England, Wales & Scotland.

If you are looking to have your grass expertly installed, then we have our approved installer network which covers the following counties in England;

Bedfordshire, Berkshire, Bristol, Buckinghamshire, Cambridgeshire, Cheshire, Cornwall, Cumbria, Devon, Derbyshire, Dorset, Durham, Gloucestershire, Hampshire, Herefordshire, Hertfordshire, Lancashire, Leicestershire, Lincolnshire, Manchester, Merseyside, Midlands, Norfolk, Northumberland, Northamptonshire, Nottinghamshire, Oxfordshire, Rutland, Shropshire, Staffordshire, Suffolk, Somerset, Warwickshire, Wiltshire, Worcestershire, East Yorkshire, North Yorkshire, South Yorkshire & West Yorkshire.