Astroturf for Schools and Nurseries

Artificial grass for schoolsArtificial grassartificial grass for nurseries

Forever Green Lawns are one of the Uk’s leading installation specialists for Schools & Nurseries.

With an increasing need for outdoor play areas to be usable all year round – Forever Green Lawns are able to provide fake grass for schools and nurseries throughout the UK.

The advantages of using artificial turf for nurseries and schools are numerous – it provides a permanent soft and durable surface for all types of play and activity – from ball games and energetic pastimes, to providing mud-free areas for reading or organised outdoor lessons.

Forever Green Lawns has installed artificial grass for schools all across our operating area, with enquiries for the supply of artificial turf from all corners of the UK.

Forever green lawns - artificial grassFake turf in schools and nurseries is often utilised in areas where living grass would be unfeasible or difficult to maintain – such as walkways and narrow paths, but can also be used to create intricate patterns that can engage and stimulate young minds. With your imagination and our expertise, we can create some amazing and innovative designs in artificial grass for nurseries and schools. The ideal replacement to go over old tired and worn out school playgrounds and play areas.

Our most common type of artificial lawn products for schools are soft and tactile, with no need for sand or rubber infill – offering a durable and weatherproof surface for all year round play.

With a fraction of the maintenance required by ‘real’ grass, fake turf will reduce the time needed on its upkeep – there’s no mowing, watering or seeding – so you can have a perfect sports area, recreational spot, or whatever type of activity required all year round.

Talk to Forever Green Lawns today about an artificial lawn for your school or nursery, we’re happy to work alongside you while funds are raised from PTA’s etc – often taking small deposits to ensure the project can be supplied and installed at the most competitive prices with no extra hidden costs.

Call now and discuss your landscaping projects, play areas or sports pitches on 0800 668 1958.

We pride ourselves on our informative and friendly service along with our conscientious and polite installations teams.

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