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5 Beautiful, Low-Maintenance Plants to Brighten up Your Garden

If you lead a busy lifestyle it can be difficult to find the time to tend to your garden, but it’s still nice to have a quiet, green haven in which to relax when you do get a spare moment.

In this blog we’ll recommend 5 beautiful low-maintenance plants that you can plant and watch flourish without any hard work involved!

  • Yarrow

Yarrow comes in a variety of colours including red, yellow, white and pink. When it blooms it has large bright clusters of flowers that appear in flat-topped flower heads. Yarrow needs to be planted in full sun but will still flourish in bad soil so there’s no need to fertilise them.

  • Hosta

Hostas have large rich green and cream tipped leaves and are one of the hardiest perennials that you’ll find! No need to water regularly, this plant will easily survive whether you place it in the sun or the shade.

  • Primrose

Primroses are native to Britain and thrive in our climate. These pretty flowers come in a staggering selection of colours and usually bloom in early spring. They will flourish whether they’re planted in sunny or shaded areas.

  • Clematis

The clematis is a stunning creeper than can be grown up a trellis against a fence or wall. They’re hardy plants that don’t need any special treatment when the temperature drops and can be grown in either full or partial sunlight. They come in a huge variety of different shapes and colours, each as spectacular as the next.

  • Daylily

Daylillies have beautiful trumpet-shaped flowers that come in a variety of different colours and shades. These perennials aren’t fussy about the type of soil that they’re planted in and will grow larger with each year.

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