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7 Top Tips To Make Your Garden Dog Friendly

Dogs love playing in gardens. Let them loose outside and they can burn off excess energy, get plenty of fresh air and be physically and mentally stimulated at the same time.

Gardens are great outdoor spaces for dogs and as long as you are careful and create a safe haven for pets, you’ll protect them and prevent them from coming to any harm.

We’ve been thinking about garden safety for dogs at Forever Green Lawns and we thought of these suggestions to create the perfect safe setting for your precious pets.







1.) Fence the exterior

Obviously you don’t want your dog to escape so fence the exterior of your garden and check for any weak areas that could easily be breached by your pet. Make sure the fence panels are high enough and sturdy enough to contain your pet, you don’t want that furry little fella running away.

2.) Make sure side gates are secure

Check side gates at your property. Can your dog squeeze through them, leap and climb over them or push the gate open with their nose? Fit a lock if necessary so you can control access through the gate and prevent your little pooch from running away.

3.) Watch out for sharp stones

Be careful laying gravel in your garden. Pick small stones with sharp edges and your pet might cut their paws. Think carefully before you lay hardcore in the garden, is there a danger it could damage your dog?

4.) Provide a little shade

Is there a spot in the garden where your pooch can take refuse from the sun? Leafy trees and awnings are good places to take refuge, encourage your dogs to take it easy during bouts of hot weather.

5.) Get to know your plants

Do you know all the species of plants in your garden? Hemlocks, Foxgloves, Delphiniums and Daffodil bulbs are just some of the plants that are dangerous to your dog, check your garden and see if you have any flora or fauna that could be fatal to your pet.

6.) Leave water bowls handy

Place water bowls in the garden and your dogs can take a drink whenever they are thirsty. Top bowls up regularly and keep a fresh supply of water on standby. Remember, your dog can’t tell you they are thirsty but you watch out for the warning signs such as excessive panting.


7.) Lay an artificial lawn

You want your dog to enjoy their time in the garden whatever the weather, exercise is good for their physical and mental wellbeing and ‘outdoors’ is the place to have tons of fun. So lay an artificial lawn for pets, they’ll love playing on the surface and the best news is your lawn will be pet friendly and still look great throughout the year!

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