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Are Artificial Lawns The Future For Labour-Saving Households

One of the many questions we are often asked at Forever Green Lawns is how much labour time will our customers save if they have a synthetic lawn fitted? Whilst there’s no definitive answer to that question there’s no denying artificial grass will reduce the amount of time you spend working on the lawn, caring for turf takes time, we’ll give you some examples.

Mowing a lawn

Over the summer it feels like you are forever out in the garden mowing the lawn. Even if you use an electric or petrol powered mower this is still an arduous task. It takes longer if you like to cut lines in the lawn and you’ll need a great eye for detail to accomplish this task. Artificial lawns are like a breath of fresh air, you might as well sell the mower when you have synthetic turf.

Seeding and feeding a lawn

It’s not just mowing a lawn that takes time either, the turf has to be fed and watered to keep it in great shape. Bald patches appear that need a sprinkling of seeds, this takes effort and it’s one of those tasks that eats into your time. Seeds are nowhere to be seen when you install artificial grass in your garden, the turf looks terrific throughout the year.

Trimming a lawn

Mow a lawn and you can’t just leave the edges as they are, they’ll need a trim too. Normally this involves edging shears, you could use privet shears but this involves backbreaking work. Get an artificial lawn instead, you’ll never have to trim the turf again.

Raking up clippings

Once you’ve finished mowing and trimming the edges of the lawn there’s all the clearing up to do. Lawn clippings get everywhere, it’ll take you ages to pick up all the waste – do you really want this hassle? Give your garden an artificial lawn, it’ll look just as good as real turf and you’ll have less tidying up to do.

Replacing worn turf

Lawns need careful treatment to keep them pristine, even with all your hard work you might find the odd brown patch appearing and witness signs that all isn’t well with your lawn. This leaves you with two choices. You either replace the bald patches of lawn with new rolls of turf or take the sensible option and have an artificial lawn fitted instead.

I think we all know what the answer will be!

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