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Easy Gardening Jobs for Summer

Prep your garden in time for summer and you want to sit back, relax and take it easy, surely there’s nothing left to do, especially if you have installed artificial lawn this year.

Hang on a minute though. In the height of the summer there are always jobs to do in the garden. It just so happens we’ve listed a few examples in this latest blog.

Dig out that sun hat and…

  • Bring conservatory plants outside
  • Most plants thrive during the warmer weather and conservatory plants are a prime example.
  • Take them outside and treat them to a little fresh air and summer sun, just remember to drag them back indoors when the weather starts to cool.
  • Tidy up that pond
  • The summer is the ideal time to tidy up a pond, scoop out algae, remove dead leaves and drag debris clear of the water.
  • It shouldn’t take you long to clear the pond and it’ll look healthier and cleaner afterwards.
  • Deadhead plants
  • Don’t leave plants to their own devices. Water them, check them and make sure you deadhead them too, tidy up perennials throughout the summer season and they’ll be more eager to flower next year.
  • Water regularly
  • Keep one eye on pot plants and containers too. Left too long and they’ll start to wither and die.
  • Check the level of moisture in potted plants, top up where necessary and ensure the pots are draining free, prevent over-watering just leave the soil nice and damp.
  • Sweep away debris
  • Give your garden a regular sweep during the summer. Collect hedge clippings and give artificial grass a quick sweep with a thin brush too, that lawn is going to look gorgeous afterwards.
  • Paint fencing and decking
  • Okay, we had to include one time-consuming job in this blog. Painting a fence or treating your decking is going to take a bit of time, but think about how stunning your garden is going to look afterwards.
  • All of the above jobs are (fairly) easy to complete, if you’re stuck for something to do this summer, why not give one of them a go?

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