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Artificial Grass Tools: What tools do you need to fit artificial grass?

If you’re looking to install an artificial lawn yourself, it’s important that you have the right equipment to get the best results. We understand how difficult it can be to know what artificial grass tools and surfacing equipment you need to get started with your new lawn. You can end up purchasing unnecessary items or products that just won’t get the job done. This is why we’ve provided a list of all the handy items you need to install and protect a perfect lawn.

1. Turf cutter

A turf cutter is essential when laying an artificial lawn. The equipment is designed to remove the top surface layer of the existing lawn by cutting consistent strips from the soil. This makes removing your current grass much easier and more efficient. Don’t use turf cutters when the ground is hard, as this can damage the machine and won’t be as successful in stripping the ground.

2. Plate compactor

Plate compactors, or wacker plates, are a key piece of equipment used to compact aggregates, or sub-bases. Doing this by hand would be backbreaking and unnecessary work. Sub-bases need to be compact in order for the top layer, the synthetic lawn, to look as smooth and natural as possible. The only way this can be done is by using a plate compactor. If you don’t have access to one, you can hire one from a local tool shop at a relatively low price.

3. Wheelbarrow

You’ll need a wheelbarrow for carrying over the aggregate and sub-base. It’s a very simple but important tool that makes installation much easier. You can also use it to transport dug-up turf. They’re even more useful if you have to transport items across a large garden.

4. A rake and shovel

You can’t prepare your ground without these tools. They’re used to smooth the underneath area and remove the underneath grass.

5. Knife

Having a good sharp knife to cut with is also important. This will cut the artificial grass neatly. Gardens with an unusual shape may need weed membrane cut to shape, so a blade will be necessary for this. You could use a curved blade to do this.

6. Seaming Tape

You’ll need to join the artificial grass together, so seaming tape will be required. The joint shouldn’t be visible when done well to prevent a tripping hazard. You can artificial grass seaming tape here.

7. Weed membrane

Weed membrane can be used to control weed growth from coming up through the artificial lawns and disturbing them. Our weed membrane is heavy-duty and provides maximum protection against weed growth.

8. Framework around the perimeter (eliminates the need for sand infill)

Sand infill can cause an array of problems, including clogging drains and encouraging weed growth. With a framework around the perimeter, you can secure the grass around the perimeter to help prevent these issues, while keeping your artificial lawn looking neat and tidy.

Forever Green Lawns manufacture our synthetic grass with our customers and installers in mind. This is why we’ve integrated a thatched coloured root inlay system that maintains the grass fibres without letting them fall or become damaged. This enables the installation to be completed without the need to infill with kiln dry sand.


9. Artificial grass underlay

Cushioning under artificial grass products allows for the passage of water and better grass drainage as well as helping the grass to be softer underfoot. It is Ideal for children’s play areas, under or around play equipment, swings, climbing frames & slides. You can check out our tried and tested 10mm artificial grass underlay here .

10. Additional tools need

Don’t forget your fixing pins, artificial grass glue, glue spreader and mastic gun! You can find them all here in our artificial grass accessories section. 

Need advice?

We’re more than happy to offer any advice on artificial grass tools needed, should you require it. If in doubt, you can view our artificial grass installation video showing you how professionals carry out an installation. We have several trusted, service-focused companies that are happy to install our lawn on your behalf. Contact us today for more information.

If you’re still unsure of the type of lawn you’d like to buy, you can browse our range of artificial grass to find the right grass turf for you.


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