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How long does artificial grass last?

Artificial grass can last up to 20 years depending on how it is being used.

For light use such as in your back garden, the life span will be much longer than that of a football pitch or putting green for example. Our various types of artificial grass are all hardwearing and durable and will not flatten during use regardless of how much it is used.

Artificial grass also known as fake grass, astroturf or synthetic grass, is very low maintenance and will remain looking as good as new whilst retaining its colour through all weathers. Providing your artificial grass is maintained according to the guidelines provided at the time of installation, your lawn should last around 15-20 years depending on how it is used as previously mentioned.

High traffic areas will have a shorter life span such as sports grounds, however this doesn’t mean to say that artificial grass isn’t a better option than natural grass. Natural grass can be easily damaged by regular use and by weather, it requires a lot of maintenance and also requires regular products such as weed killer and lawn growth etc to keep it looking healthy – all of which can be extremely dangerous to pets and young children.

To ensure you artificial grass lasts as long as possible here are a few handy tips:

  • Keep it clean – rainwater will rinse away and dirt, however giving your lawn a quick rinse with the hose from time to time will ensure a bright and clean looking lawn.
  • Do not place a barbeque directly on the grass – ensure all barbeques are raised above ground level, as artificial grass will melt should it come it to contact with such a high level of heat.
  • Leave it out – pick up or blow away any leaves that fall in your garden as often as you can to keep a tidy looking garden area.
  • Keep it pet friendly – tidy up after your pets to ensure an inviting garden at all times. Try not to let any muck harden on the grass, as it is much easier to clean up as early as possible.


If you have any further questions about how long artificial grass will last or require advice on the best artificial grass for you, simply get in contact with our team on 01732 323122.

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