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How much is artificial grass?

As the popularity of artificial lawn rises, more and more people are naturally enquiring into how much it actually costs. Is it even that expensive? Is it just genuine value for money? Do the up front costs make up for the ease of maintenance? Well thought we’d give you an idea of the price of artificial grass – specifically, our Forever Green prices, and how it compares to the cost and overall value of real grass.

Prices of Our Artificial Turf

Las Vegas 20mm pile

Price: 19.99 £14.99 per square metre

  • The cheapest artificial grass we offer is our Las Vegas 20mm; deal for dog owners and gardeners who prefer the short, pristine, immaculately groomed lawn.
  • Luxurious, top quality synthetic grass that is ideal for all applications and requires no infill.
  • Not only does this grass have that WOW factor, it is also very thick, dense and soft.
  • Comes in 1m2m3m and 4m


Atlanta 35mm Pile 

Price: £22.99 per square metre 

RRP: 35.99 per square metre 

  • Creeping up towards the higher grades, we have our Atlanta 35mm artificial grass, which is perfect for those who prefer a longer pile looking grass.
  • At 3kilos per square metre, this grass is very weighty and thick, yet still incredibly soft underfoot.
  • A luxurious lawn for sure, ideal for all applications and requires no infill.
  • Also available in 1m2m, and 4m
  • With our prices, you’ll be saving a whopping £13.00 per square metre!

Orlando 30mm Pile 

Price£16.99 per square metre

RRP: £32.99 per square metre

  • Slightly more costly, our Orlando 35mm is the perfect artificial turf for the gardener who prefers a more established looking lawn.
  • This artificial grass portrays a more natural looking, all year round lawn.
  • Perfect for those looking for a more realistic, deep rich green landscaped lawn.

Comes in 1m2m3m and 4m widths.

Los Angeles 35mm pile

Price: £36.99 £22.99 per square metre

RRP: £36.99 per square metre

  • At the top of the range we have our luxurious Los Angeles 35mm, which is undoubtedly one of the most tactile products on the market today.
  • Using the highest quality synthetic fibres, this artificial grass is really the best you can buy, and for prices as low £22.99, it’s an absolute value for money bargain.

Like our other rolls of artificial turf, this is available in 1m2m3m, and 4m width cuts.

Real Grass vs Artificial Grass

Real grass (or sod) is obviously considerably cheaper to install than artificial turf. A standard traditional sod lawn would cost around £4.99 per square metre – with the price likely to decrease (per metre) if you were to buy in bulk for a reasonably sized garden space.

What you have to consider though, is the associated long-term expenses that come with real turf. Sod and turf grass will typically require a lot of maintenance and upkeep costs – the main one of course, being water bill. Additional costs also include that of fertilizing and seeding the grass, or maybe even expenses for a professional gardener – if you prefer to sit on your sofa than attend to your overgrown lawn.

Artificial Lawns minimise both the time and cost of maintaining your garden, which is why it’s becoming such a popular option amongst homeowners. We appreciate that some people prefer the natural, real grass look and feel; and that’s fine. What we would stress however, is to not be put off by the higher upfront costs of artificial grass, because the future benefits are more than worth the money! Just imagine never having to mow your lawn again…

Even the cheapest artificial lawn will last longer than real turf; so bare that in mind too. 

If the idea of installing an artificial lawn appeals to you, be sure to check out our fantastic range of quality artificial grass at discount prices. To find out more, contact us online or call 0800 668 1958 to speak to one of our artificial grass specialists.

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