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Do Fireworks and Artificial Lawns Mix? Read This Before Firework Night

One of the most common things we’re asked at Forever Green Lawns is, is artificial grass safe? Well yes, it is! It’s robust and resilient but is made of plastic and other synthetic materials, meaning on nights like Bonfire night there are risks. Setting off fireworks on an artificial lawn can cause serious damage. So, we’ve come up with alternative ways to entertain this weekend:


Laser light shows

Who said you needed fireworks? Lasers can be a great alternative as they’re full of colour and can also be choreographed to music (if you want to be really fancy!). It means you’re guaranteed a safe and fun night on your Forever Green Lawns installation. Many of the big New Years Eve events around the world use projections to enhance their fireworks displays.

Look for an alternative space

While fireworks on artificial lawns might be out of the question; if you have a bit of concrete or a safe soil area in your garden then this may mean you can have the best of both worlds. Just make sure the fireworks are well away from your lawn. For added peace of mind, our products are flame retardant, non-toxic and have ISO quality control and environmental management certificates. You could also hold a firework display in your street with the neighbours, which would be great for the environment!

Find an organised fireworks display

There is plenty of fun, family organised events for the whole family to enjoy near you (check out your local paper!). Public firework displays can add some extra sparkle to your weekend without the pressure of having to entertain yourself. It also means you can come back and enjoy hot dogs, burgers and a warm cup of soup with friends in your if need be!

Fireworks lighting 

Sometimes the use of lanterns and glow sticks can be just as fun (and cheaper!) as traditional fireworks and sparklers. Chinese lanterns and fairy lights can also look effective in your garden if you still want to entertain and enjoy the occasion. They’re also a lot safer than using the real thing if you have an artificial lawn supplied by Forever Green Lawns.

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