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Garden Shed Makeovers: Top Tips For A Great Looking Shed or Summerhouse

There’s one thing we guarantee at Forever Green Lawns: Your garden will have the “wow” factor when you lay one of our artificial lawns.

It’s a shame the shed might let the side down though.

Shoddy sheds are a total eyesore.

Pay a little attention to that outhouse though and it’ll be the perfect accessory to accompany your new lawn.

Here are some tips to get you started on improving the appearance of your garden shed. Try these ideas for the ultimate garden shed makeover if you really want to do your garden justice.

Check the Condition of Your Shed or Summerhouse

Go around the outside of the shed looking for signs of panel damage. Repair any signs of rot. Replace worn panels and fix any obvious faults. Get the shed prepped and ready for a fresh coat of paint.

Fix the Felt on the Roof

How’s the felt looking on the roof? Is it lifting, curled or does it have holes in it? If so, replace with a fresh roll and this will make the interior nice and watertight.

Paint the Exterior of Your Garden Shed

Once you fix signs of dilapidation it’s time to give your shed a fresh coat of paint. This doesn’t just improve the appearance of the shed. It provides it with weather protection as well. Look for unusual shades that give your garden added appeal.

Clean the Windows and Glass Panels

Get rid of cobwebs clinging to the glass in your shed. That doesn’t look good. Remove dirt from the inside and the outside of the glass. Leave glazing sparkling afterwards.

Declutter Your Shed and Clear out the Rubbish

By now the exterior of the shed should be taking shape but what about the interior? Go through it, throw away anything you don’t need and tidy everything you do. Use shelving if necessary or tool tidies to keep everything clutter free.

Complete Your Garden Shed Makeover by Adding Power

Run electric to the shed and you can operate power tools such as electric lawn mowers, leaf blowers and even have a light so you can see what you are doing if visibility is poor on winter days. Plus you can plug a kettle in and enjoy a cup of tea as you pot a few plants. Wouldn’t that be welcoming on a chilly day?

Improve the Appearance of Your Shed or Summerhouse

Now that your shed looks good from the outside and looks tidy on the inside, think about dressing it up a little to make it feel more homely. Curtains at the windows and potted flowers either side of the door give it instant appeal. You could add a few planters down the side of the shed too.

Take care improving the look and the condition of your shed and it makes all the difference to your garden. For turf improvement, call us at Forever Green Lawns, we’re the artificial grass specialists with years of experience.

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