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How to Create a Low Maintenance Garden

So you want a beautiful garden, but don’t want the hard work that comes along with it. So what can you do to create a stunning back yard, with none of the work?

Let’s have a look…


Synthetic turf

One of the hardest things to keep looking great in the garden is your turf. It needs constant cutting, in the summer it can yellow, pests can leave huge bald patches on there, and it’s open to diseases. And it probably takes up the largest proportion of your garden.

So if the turf looks bad, the whole garden looks bad.

Thankfully, the solution is a simple one. Synthetic turf! It looks great all year round and it requires very little maintenance. Artificial Grass can last up to 20 years and is cost-effective – check our how much artificial grass is!


Most gardens use hedges to lay out there borders, and that’s’ fine. They do look nice after all. But you know what they are? Hard work. They need constant trimming and maintenance to ensure that they don’t become unruly.

So cut out the hard work, take out the hedge and put a fence up. They look great, require no maintenance and won’t get out of hand!


Perennials are hard plants that bloom during spring and summer and then die back in autumn and winter. They live for up to two years, and whilst they might need a small amount of work, they’re a great choice to fill in flower beds. You can more or less be sure of their return in the summer months!

Protect from predators

Your garden is a food haven to some insects and creatures, and if they get in there, they’re going make a mess of it. Which means more work for you.

So keep them out. Larger animals can be kept at bay by mesh and chicken wire. And pesticides will keep unwanted creepy crawlies away.

Creating a low maintenance garden is easy to do, and means that you’ll have somewhere outside that looks great in summer.

Good luck!

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