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How to Make Your Garden Look Great This Summer

Summer is on the horizon and you plan to spend the majority of it in your garden with a book or sun lounger.

But first you need to make your garden look good. You don’t want to sit amongst wilting fauna or yellowing grass, do you?



A lot of first/part time gardeners neglect to prune their plants and then question why they haven’t flowered. You’ve given it plenty of water; it’s getting all the sunlight it needs but still, no flowers.

It’s all about directing growth, cutting back unwanted or dead stems and helping your flower flourish!


In the summer months you’re going to lean towards watering your plants more than normal. It’s hotter, and dryer. You need to give them a drink, right?

Well recent research suggests that if you over compensate on feed and water it can produce a higher foliage to flower ration and flower for a shorter time.

So don’t go overboard! It could end up knocking back the beauty of your plant!


Unfortunately, we can’t control the weather. And it plays a huge part in how your garden will grow this summer. Remember that shade can work for you too. Brachyglottis for example thrive in shaded areas. If you’re enduring a particularly cold summer, then help your plants along with covers etc.

In the spring months keep your eyes out for any unwanted winged visitors. They can remove flower buds and cut down the chances of your flower beds looking great throughout summer.

And lastly, is your turf. This can be the hardest to upkeep. Especially so in serious heat. So save yourself, save money, and the environment by replacing it with synthetic turf!

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