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New Power Brush to Save You Time Collecting Leaves this Autumn

Forever Green Lawns have launched a brand new power brush to help make lives easier for people when collecting leaves off lawns this Autumn.

The new AGM 302 EUK Electric Power Brush Lawn Sweeper includes a single high powered adjustable rotating heavy-duty nylon drum and a unique collection box for collecting up debris.

It’s been launched by the firm due to the demand in people investing in artificial grass.

According to figures from Forever Green Lawns, sales of fake grass surged during last year’s record summer temperatures.

Purchases shot-by up by almost 70% from June to the end of September 2018, compared to the same time the year before, partly because people didn’t want to look out over their yellow-looking lawns anymore.

Meantime, a report by Up Market Research valued the global market at $2.5bn (£2bn) in 2016 and forecasts a “staggering” rise to $5.8bn by 2023.

Mike Bennett from Forever Green Lawn, who are the only UK company to stock the product, said: “Artificial grass is not 100% maintenance-free as a lot of people believe.

“This new model has a unique swing arm handlebar making use of this machine effortless with the use of just one hand.

“Whilst as a product there is no need for watering or mowing like traditional lawns, there is some upkeep required to make sure it stays in good condition.

“Just like any traditional home carpet or, in this case garden carpet, you will still need to care for your artificial grass on a regular basis i.e. cleaning and maintaining it.

“The single highly powered adjustable rotating heavy duty nylon drum not only lifts the pile at an incredible rate, it also makes life a lot easier with it’s unique collection box for collecting up any debris deposited on your artificial lawn.”

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