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AGM 400 Mk II | Lawn Broom Sweeper | Artificial Grass Power Brush | Collection Box

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AGM 400 Mark II Power Brush “With Collection Box”.

Now stocking the new and improved AGM 400 mark II

Now with a 1800 watt motor and improved ergonomic design makes this model a cut above the mark 1 and similar models currently on the market

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Perfect for any size garden this machine is way ahead of any of it rivals financial terms are available on any purchase over £100.00.


The AGM 400 Mark 2 is the ideal tool for maintaining your artificial grass.

This machine has it all, it brushes and lifts up the pile, collects unwanted debris   

  • 1800W electric grass brush: Ideal for sweeping and refreshing artificial grass

  • Multi-use: Also suitable for sweeping pathways, driveways, yards, and decking areas

  • Lightweight at just 13.3kg: Self-propelled motion makes it even more effortless to sweep

  • 5 adjustable sweeping heights: Remove debris from the ‘root’ of the grass

  • 380mm working width: Gets the job done quickly and effectively

  • Large 45L collection bag: Collects leaves, twigs and other debris as you sweep, minimising clean-up

  • Ultra-low maintenance: Simply plug it in and off you go

  • 10m power cable: Saves you having to reach for an extension lead

  • Peace of mind: 3 year home-use warranty and 1 year commercial (terms apply)*


Powerful Corded Electric Grass Sweeper

The AGM400 Mark II is a lightweight, cost effective corded grass sweeper/brush from AGM. A must-have gadget for anyone with artificial grass in their garden, it’s also suitable for clearing driveways, paths and patios of twigs and leaves.

Refresh Artificial Grass

This electric brush cleans down to the ‘roots’ of artificial lawns to increase its lifespan, clearing it of any debris. This brush is ideal for rejuvenating flattened artificial grass and astro turf, bringing it back to life to look as it did when it was first laid and also creating that classic British striped lawn effect.

Lightweight Sweeper

Weighing just 13.3kg, this electric grass sweeper is really easy to use in your garden. The sweeping action also self-propels the machine forwards, meaning all you have to do is steer it across the grass.

5 Adjustable Sweeping Heights

This electric lawn brush’s 5 adjustable sweeping heights, ranging from -12mm to +6mm, allow you to remove even the most stubborn debris from the base of your artificial grass, not just meaning your garden will be clean and tidy but also that it will leave your grass looking refreshed.

380mm Working Width

The AGM 400 Mark II’s working width of 380mm / 15” will get your artificial grass looking refreshed quickly and effectively. Please note that if your artificial grass edge is against a wall or fence, it will leave a wheel width (around 6”) unswept along the edge so will need a quick sweep with a handheld brush; however, if the grass edge is against a flush patio or flowerbed, you will be able to sweep right to the edge of the grass.

45L Debris Collection Bag

With its extra-large 45L collection bag collecting any leaves, twigs, stones, clumps of dirt, or other debris as you sweep, acting as an artificial grass hoover, it means that there’s no mess to clean up after sweeping to get the job done even quicker.

Powerful Brush

The AGM400 Mark II’s strong, long-bristled rotating brush has a chunky 128mm diameter for maximum deep cleaning efficiency.


Despite being designed for sweeping artificial lawns, you can also use this artificial grass power brush for sweeping pathways, driveways, yards, and decking areas.

Low Maintenance Grass Sweeper

As this artificial grass power broom is electric, it’s incredibly low maintenance – you won’t have to worry about mixing oils, dealing with stale fuel, or other routine maintenance that accompanies petrol machinery ownership. Simply plug it in and off you go!

Extra-Long Power Cable

The AGM400 Mark II’s convenient, extra-long 10m power cable will give you ample room to sweep the artificial lawn in your small/medium-sized garden without having to reach for an extension cable.

3 Year Warranty

This corded electric sweeper is covered by AGM’s 3 year home-use warranty, or a 1 year commercial warranty, for your peace of mind, and also has full UK-based parts backup to maintain your machine for years to come.

At A Glance:

  • Ideal for refreshing artificial grass and sweeping patios, driveways, etc

  • 1800W artificial grass sweeper

  • Large 45L debris collection box for easy clean-up

  • Lightweight at just 13.3kg

  • Working width of 380mm – ideal for small to medium lawns

  • 5 adjustable sweeping heights

  • Long 10m power cable

  • Low maintenance

  • Easy to use

  • 3 year AGM warranty

  • Sleek Black

The AGM 400 Mark II is the ideal tool for maintaining your artificial grass.

This machine has it all, it brushes and lifts up the pile, collects unwanted debris.

The ideal machine for making your life a lot easier when maintaining your Artificial Lawn, not only this time, but at any time of the year.

Give your Artificial Lawn that professionally brushed up appearance with this powerful 1800W machine along with it’s unique collection box. The ideal tool for collecting leaves, pine needles, unwanted debris, along with lifting the pile of your Artificial Grass.

With it’s 10 metre cable and the single highly powered 1900W engine along with it’s adjustable rotating heavy duty nylon drum, not only does this machine lift the pile at an incredible rate, it also makes life a lot easier with it’s unique collection box for collecting up any debris deposited on your artificial lawn.

The perfect machine for maintaining your Artificial Grass, Fake Grass, Synthetic Grass & Astro Turf™ products.

For lawn maintenance/clearing debris, we suggest you go in the direction of the pile with the machine, for pile lifting, simply walk towards the direction of the pile pushing the machine against the pile, however, there is no right or wrong way to use the AGM 400 Mark II, it’s a personal preference, either pushing or pulling.

When ordering online, please do not request to be left in a porch, or anywhere on your premises, these are dispatched on a signed for delivery service only, if requested to be left with a neighbour please advise which number.

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Our Artificial Grass Guarantee
Child & Pet Friendly
Flame Retardant
10 Year UV Warranty
High Grade Materials

Artificial grass is not 100% maintenance free as a lot of people believe. Whilst as a product there is no need for watering or mowing like traditional lawns, there is some upkeep required to make sure it stays in good condition. Just like any traditional home carpet or, in this case garden carpet, you will still need to care for your artificial grass on a regular basis i.e. cleaning and maintaining it.

When artificial grass lawns are rolled out for the first time and newly laid they have a flat/crushed appearance, this due to the fact they have yet to relax and be brushed up.

If your Artificial Lawn is installed by a professional Artificial Grass company, your grass is generally brushed up with the use of a high powered industrial petrol driven hand held power brush. These petrol power brushes are heavy, cumbersome along with being very expensive. (In excess of £750.00). Although they perform the same service they are not specifically designed for artificial grass and can possibly damage the spine of the grass making it less resilient to standing upright.

“AGM 400 Mark II Brush Lawn Sweeper With collection Box”.

Multi height settings allows the machine to be set for all styles of artificial grass, its 2 in 1 design allows for power brushing of the grass together with debris collection.

By using the “AGM 400 Mark II Lawn Sweeper ”, not only does the vigorous single rotating Nylon brush lift the pile perfectly of your newly laid lawn, it also helps to clear and collect any debris that may have found its way into the curled root system of the artificial grass or Astro turf product.

By incorporating a single nylon brush system, this ensures the fibres of your grass are lifted perfectly and does not damage the spine of the artificial grass in any way during the rotation of the drum and collects any debris and deposits it into the collection box.

With Artificial grass that has been laid for a period of time, with constant usage and heavy foot traffic the pile can tend to crush and lay flat.

After the initial period of installation and the first power brushing, for the rest of the lawn’s life, you will only ever need to use the “AGM 400 Mark II” on your Fake Grass to give it a spruce or clean up. Brushing it just once or twice a month is ideal for average used lawns, or more regularly if heavy usage.

This specially designed and revolutionary electric power rake is leading the way in both helping to clear off leaves, pine needles, and any sundry debris that may have been deposited via mother nature and assists in refreshing the pile of your Artificial Grass.

When using your “AGM 400 Mark II Electric Power Broom” ensure you use the brush in different directions so as to keep the turf pile bouncy and upright. However, for the best lifting effect on the pile, it is advisable that you pull backwards against the direction of the pile, not only does this lift up the pile perfectly, it will also brush out any debris that may have found its way onto and into the pile of the grass and deposit it in to the collection box attached.

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  • Engine Type; Single Phase Electric Motor.
  • Power; 1800 W/230/240 V.
  • Forward speeds; 1 single gear rotation.
  • Reverse speeds; None.
  • Multi Level Height Adjustment.
  • Dry grass collection system, leaving debris deposited in to the rear collection box.
  • Single Drum with Heavy Duty Nylon Brushes.
  • Comes with 10 metre length working cable & UK plug.
  • Small amount of self assembly is required to fit handle and shaft together.
  • Not Suitable for Rain or snow.
  • Brand; AGM
  • Model; AGM 400 mark II
  • Sleek Black

Your AGM 400 Guarantee.

This product is supplied with 3 years guarantee.

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The product will be repaired or replaced at the Company’s sole discretion in the event of a failure as a result of determined faulty workmanship or component failure. The Company will repair and have the machine returned to the UK address to which the machine was delivered.

Please note: Misuse, overloading, abuse, fair wear & tear or failure as a result of inadequate routine servicing (as detailed in the supplied user manual) will not be eligible for guarantee consideration and all costs would be chargeable to the customer.

After 6 months from purchase date, the cost of collection will be the responsibility of the customer. However, collections can be arranged by the company at a cost paid for by the customer (generally £15.00).

Upon completion of the work and confirmation of guarantee, the cost of the collection will be borne by the Company, providing the amount does not exceed the company’s normal courier rate. If the company’s nominated courier is not used and the cost of collection is higher, it will be the customer’s responsibility to pay the extra amount.



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