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Quick & Easy Ways to Transform Your Garden

Gardens are great when the lawn is trimmed, the borders are filled with flowers and the plot is pleasantly laid out to suit your style and taste. They’re not so good when weeds are at waist height, plants are dying and your fence looks like it hasn’t been painted for a century.

Don’t worry if your garden is looking a little drab at the moment, we’ve got some great ideas to make your neighbours go green with envy.

Paint flower pots

Tired of seeing weatherworn terracotta pots on your patio? Give them a quick makeover with a touch of paint, introduce bright colours and pick a weatherproof shade that’s going to look gorgeous throughout the seasons.

Spruce up your shed

Whilst you’re in the painting mood why not tidy up the outside of your shed? At one time shed-paints were restricted to ‘rustic reds’ and ‘autumn browns’ and you had little in the way of choice. Now, you can choose from a massive range of trendy and contemporary colours, so funk up your garden with a dash of damson or try turquoise for a change.

Fix fencing and add a splash of colour

Why stop at painting the shed? Buy enough paint and you could paint the fence as well and bring your garden to life all in one day.

Get a few people involved in the project and over the course of a weekend you’ll totally change the look of the garden.

Paint old furniture or buy new

Okay, we’re really on a roll with the painting now. Turn your garden bench into an eye-catching feature. Slap on a coat of fresh paint and that tatty old furniture looks better than new. You could also fix and improve broken furniture if you’re into DIY.

Or give a table and chair set a new lease of life, just make sure the paint is dry before you attempt to sit on it!

Lay a new lawn

By now your garden should be looking rather different if you have taken the above advice. Why no go all out and replace your grass with artificial grass, find out more about artificial grass costs here. If the turf is looking a little tired get rid of it and replace it with an artificial lawn instead.

All of the suggestions mentioned in this blog are easy to complete and they’ll make the world of difference to your garden.

Change the look of your garden and improve the quality of your life, fresh paint and fake grass are the way forward!

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