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The Advantages of Artificial Lawns

An Artificial Grass Lawn from Forever Green Lawns is the ideal solution for those who want a great looking garden all year round. We think our lawns are great, so we wanted to share just a few of their great advantages with you, just in case you’re in any doubt as to whether or not to invest in an artificial lawn…

The aesthetic benefits

Forever Green Lawns give your garden a green and natural look all year round
The high quality fibres look and feel like the real thing without all of the maintenance that comes with real grass.
Our artificial lawns are UV fade resistant, come with a 10 UV guarantee and are impervious to animal urine, so they’ll keep their lush green colour at all times, however regular cleaning is required.
An artificial lawn will offset your summer and winter flowers and plants perfectly, ensuring that your garden sparkles all year round.
They can also increase the aesthetic appeal of your home if you’re trying to sell it.
The lifestyle benefits

Forever Green Lawns don’t need to be watered or treated with pesticides like real grass lawns.
They don’t need to be mowed, trimmed, or fertilised in order to look their best.
Our lawns are incredibly low maintenance, simply requiring the occasional clean with a stiff, natural bristle brush or an electric artificial grass AGM 141EUK power brush, or to make life easier our new AGM 200 cordless power brush.
The environmental benefits

Some fertilisers emit methane, a greenhouse gas, which is bad for the environment; artificial lawns don’t need to be fertilised, therefore they’re better for the environment.
Since fertilisers and pesticides aren’t needed with an artificial lawn, there’s no chemical run-off from the grass when it rains.
As our lawns don’t need to be mowed weekly, the regular use of electricity or petrol to run mowers is negated.