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Top 5 Tips To Get Rid Of Hayfever

Hay fever can make life in the summer months uncomfortable. You want to have friends round for dinner and a BBQ, but you know that if you head outdoors you’ll be sneezing and itching until the cows come home.

And off the shelf medication? It’s pretty inconsistent.

So what can you do to relieve the symptoms?

Identify the triggers

The first step to reducing symptoms of the illness around the home is to identify the cause. The most common time of year that symptoms worsen is spring thanks to the higher pollen count.

Or it could be that there are a lot of dust mites in your home. These trigger symptoms all year round. Or perhaps you have a pet that’s setting off your sneezing and itching.

It could even be all 3!

Remove them

Now you know what’s setting it off, you can take the necessary steps to remove them from your home.

To reduce the presence of dust mites, your first job should be to clean thoroughly at least once a week. You should also look to invest in allergy proof covers, bed pillows and a mattress. This should help you get to sleep in the evening.

If you’re an animal lover with hay fever, we feel your pain. But if the animal is causing your symptoms to occur every day and its impacting everyday life, the only option is to lose the pet. That’s worst case scenario. There are some dogs that are hypo allergenic and they’re much less likely to trigger your hay fever symptoms. Make sure you give the pets a thorough wash once a week too!

Unfortunately, you can’t stop spring coming. And you can’t control the pollen count.

You can reduce the amount of things in your garden that might set you off though.

Your primary target should be your turf. Cut grass can be a hay fever sufferer’s worst nightmare. With synthetic turf however, you won’t have this problem. And your grass will look great all year round.

Reducing hay fever can be a bit of challenge. And it can feel like an uphill battle. But if you follow the above you should at least be able to reduce the symptoms.

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