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25 Uses of Artificial Grass

Artificial grass is a truly versatile product that has been used in a wide range of applications. But did you know artificial grass has been used for everything from nails and sandals to pool surrounds and indoor gyms? See our 25 uses of artificial grass here:


1. Football Pitch

It avoids the pitch from becoming slippery, meaning players play better. Makes sense, right?

2. Playground / Play Area Flooring

Having fake lawns in play areas has a tonne of benefits. From minimising allergy reaction to more practically preventing grass from being dragged into other areas.

3. Indoor Games Room

It’s a sensible solution that adds a pop of colour to any room, plus allows for otudoor sports to be played indoors.

4. Indoor Children's Playground

Kids will love this idea. Why not try it out if you have the space?

5. Indoor Gym

It stops scuffing on the floor from weights and other gym equipment. It also gives the area a more outdoors feel. You can’t really go wrong.

6. Mobile Phone Case

People love to get creative with their phone cases. How can you get more creative than this? It won’t scratch and it looks great.

7. Sandals

Buy into this trendy fashion statement and go for something bit different. It’ll be pretty comfortable, too.

8. Shop Signage

It’ll be weatherproof and if you’re going for a garden theme, it’s even more appropriate.

9. Chairs.

Surprisingly comfortable and it looks great. Try this to change the appearance of tired, old furniture.

10. Table Runners

A bit bizarre we know, but if you haven’t got any table runners indoors and you happen to have some spare artificial grass hanging around. It’s a great quick fix.

11. Outdoor Furniture Covering

When your tables and chairs needs to be covered for the winter, or even made weatherproof in summer storms, covering it will prevent weathering to your much-loved furniture.

12. Shelving

Another creative way to decorate your home or business space. If you like nature-themed decor then this may be for you.

13. Toilet Seat Topper

Well, we didn’t think of this one… But I suppose if you need a new cover for your loo, then perhaps you’d like to try this.

14. Handbags

Go out in style with handbags made from artificial grass. Did you know they’re made from eco-friendly materials?

15. Jewellery

If green is your colour, get some creatively made jewellery.

16. Nail Varnish

Ladies, this one’s for you. You could request ‘artificial lawn’ as your next shade in the nail salon.

17. Themed Parties

Grass can become soggy and mud-ridden when used for outdoor events. Artificial grass would solve this problem. If it fits the theme of your party, then that’s even better.

18. Coasters

We’re not kidding when we say the material is hardy. You should try it.

19. Wallpaper

It can give a more enclosed feeling to a large, cold space. We think it looks cool.

20. Puppy Pads

We all know that our canine friends love our grass. See our related blog posts or our page for artificial grass for pets.


21. Pool Surrounds

Rather than hot concrete, use artificial grass by the pool to keep things cool. It also keeps things looking natural and serene in your garden.

22. Vehicle Coverings

You’ve probably seen these around before, but if you’re wanting your motor to look extra special, this is definitely the way to do it.

23. Balcony Surface

Brings a bigger feel to a smaller space.

24. Marketing

Similar to shop signage in that if it fits your theme, it’s a great material to use.

25. Garden Lawns

Of course, the traditional usage for artificial lawns is a traditional British back garden. If you’re looking for install artificial grass in and around Kent, get in contact with us here.

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