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What Are The Best Vegetables to Plant in June?

Gardening is an on-going process, with jobs to do each month in order to keep things ticking over nicely throughout the year. However, there are certain vegetables that will fare better when planted at certain times of the year. As we enter June and the weather starts to warm up, here’s our guide to what you can comfortably plant over the next few weeks…

If you’re starting your vegetable patch from scratch here’s what to plant right now:


Root vegetables

Things like carrots, beetroot, swede, and turnips are the perfect root vegetables to plant in June in order to harvest them in autumn when you’re ready to start making hearty stews and casseroles.

Summer vegetables

Once you are confident that frosty weather is long behind you, it’s time to start planting summer vegetables such as tomatoes, peppers, aubergines, sweet corn, and French beans. Summer vegetables grow fairly quickly in warmer soil so you’ll see the fruits of your labour before the summer is out.
If you’re vegetable patch has been established for a while then there should be some things that you can start to harvest in June.


If you planted early season potatoes then they should be ready to harvest during June. Use them to make a delicious home-grown potato salad to accompany a summer buffet or barbecue spread.

Garden peas

If you sowed peas in autumn they’ll be ready to harvest in June. Use them to make delicious pea and mint soup, using mint from your herb garden obviously; a perfect summer starter for any meal.


Harvest your asparagus during June, but stop towards the end of the month to allow the foliage to grow and develop its roots for next year’s harvest.

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