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Artificial Grass for Schools

School children are always on the move. From playing sports to engaging in endless games of tag, you can expect your playground or pitch to be used by hundreds of students all year round. Forever Green Lawns offer a hypoallergenic, cost-effective alternative to drab concrete or potentially harmful rubber flooring.

Artificial Grass for School Playgrounds

Generally, the most common types of flooring implemented by schools are formed of tarmac, asphalt concrete, rubber (mulch, wetpour surfacing, etc..), paving, gravel/resin-bound gravel and for some institutions, real grass turf/seed lawns.

Although all of these options have their positives, it is without doubt that the choice you make for your school needs to be beneficial for your students, above all other reasons. With children of all ages constantly using facilities, you need to provide a space for personal growth and fun, while minimising the risk of injury where possible.

So, why artificial grass?

In order to understand why artificial turf is beneficial for schools, you will need to be aware of commonly occurring incidents that can be encountered with the presence of students on your premises.

  • Trips and falls. This is fairly obvious. With concrete, gravel or tarmac flooring, children who fall over are more susceptible to nasty scrapes, and potentially more serious injuries. Artificial grass is not only soft, but can be purchased in various pile heights, which can help cushion legs and arms on impact.
  • Non-toxic & hypoallergenic. With hundreds, if not thousands of students, it is almost certain that there will be children who suffer from grass pollen allergies and/or hay fever. Popular methods of minimising contact with pollen is through the installation of resilient flooring  such as mulch, wetpour rubber and concrete. However, the downfall of this is that they cannot replicate the true feel of a grass surface while an artificial lawn can. Furthermore, artificial grass is non-toxic and hypoallergenic, which makes it a perfect, child-friendly alternative to real lawns.
  • Long-Lasting. A definite negative of real grass surfaces is that daily use often results in unsightly patches or puddles of mud following heavy rain. Furthermore, younger children are also likely to pull up parts of the ground when playing, which can end up with grass on clothing, hair and impossible-to-remove stains everywhere. With artificial grass for schools, you are guaranteed a surface that wears down minimally due to tough fibres and remains uniform all year.


Easy Maintenance. Although your institution may prohibit students from bringing in certain foods and treats, it is impossible to regulate everything. This can potentially result in unsightly, hard-to-remove gum stains on surfaces everywhere, not to mention food debris, mud tracks and spilled liquids. Artificial grass for school playgrounds are incredibly simple to maintain – mud and debris can be brushed or hosed off speedily. To find out more about artificial lawn maintenance, take a look at our guide: How to clean artificial grass.

Why Choose Forever Green Lawns?

Forever Green Lawns was established in 2005 and have been proud suppliers of artificial lawn flooring to clients throughout the UK for over 16 years. Our team of specialists are qualified to advise you along every step of the way, from choosing the best artificial grass for your school, to calculating size requirements and efficient methods of installation. We understand that purchasing a high-quality lawn can be an investment, which is why we offer an additional decade-long UV warranty on the majority of our products. Forever Green Lawns also guarantee that our materials and components are fairly sourced, with flame retardant and non-toxic composition.

Considering making the switch to school artificial grass? Contact us to receive a consultation from our friendly team! We can recommend the softest surfaces and the most suitable options based on your specifications. You can also request a free sample pack so you can test the integrity of our products before you buy