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40mm Artificial Grass

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Forever Green Lawns are proud to supply high quality, top grade artificial grass products in a variety of pile lengths, cuts, and sizes. 40mm artificial grass is at the top end of the recommended pile length for artificial grass. All our grass comes with a 10-year UV warranty and is flame retardant. Our lawns look great, but also conform to the highest safety standards. Talk to us about our 40mm artificial grass today.

Why Buy 40mm Artificial Grass?

40mm artificial grass has the largest pile height of any synthetic lawn we have available. These type of lawns look more natural whilst still maintaining an immaculate aesthetic. We think artificial grass is great, and more and more households happen to agree. According to our recent survey, more households are opting to fake it, with 20% of households investing in fake grass last year.

High Affordability: Although the upfront cost of artificial grass may seem larger than traditional turf, you will save money in the long run as there will be no need to maintain lawnmowers, water the lawn, or even buy feed to ensure your lawn is healthy. It’ll save you a lot of time, too.

Child & Pet Safe: Child and Pet safe artificial lawn gives kids the ability to happily play in the garden without suffering any adverse effects, and of course there’s no mud to track or lawn to tear up. If you’re a hayfever sufferer, those allergic to grass may benefit significantly.

All About The Presentation: Gone are the days of artificial grass being an obvious eyesore, with blades of grass in artificial lawns having slightly differing greens and yellows woven in. Industry advancements and continuous innovation have led to artificial grass hugely increasing in quality.

Maintenance: Artificial grass requires little to no maintenance, but fake turf still requires cleaning. Aside from the occasional sweep with a power brush, you can focus on other areas of your garden all year long.

Why Choose Forever Green Lawns?

We pride ourselves on our expert knowledge of artificial grass, but also our high level of expertise when it comes to fake lawn cleaning and maintenance. We’re happy to offer customers any advice should they need some help. We think that everyone should have access to quality artificial grass, which is why we ensure our products are reasonably priced and competitive so our customers can get a sustainable return on investment. But why else should you choose to purchase your 40mm artificial grass with us?

Reputation – We’ve developed a well-known reputation in the industry as thought leaders. We know our stuff when it comes to synthetic turf, and we love to share our 25 years collective experience with our customers.

Quality – We believe that quality should be number one when delivering our artificial lawns, and as a result, we supply only the finest cuts of artificial grass to both domestic and commercial clients, so whether you’re needing a school playground, garden or front lawn, we’ve got the grass type for you.

Price Match Guarantee – We promise to match any quotes lower than ours. We think that lower price should not equal poor knowledge, so take advantage of our expertise and receive a like-for-like quote.

Free Samples – Making the choice from online pictures can be difficult, so we’ll send you free samples, allowing you to select your preferences from the comfort of your own home. All grass is non-toxic and flame retardant.

Delivery UK-wide – We aim to have all grass delivered to you within 2-3 working days so you can get back to the more important stuff. You can even opt for next day delivery if you need to.

Buy 40mm Pile Artificial Grass Today

If 40mm artificial grass doesn’t seem right for you, we also have measurements available in 35mm pile length and 30mm artificial lawn, or please contact us today for further information.

For trade enquiries, see our wholesale artificial grass page for more information.