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Artificial Grass Range

Established in 2005, here at Forever Green Lawns, we supply the highest quality artificial grass, at competitive prices. Our Fake Grass Range is fantastic and affordable, comes in 1m/2m/3m/4m & on selected products 5m widths unlike many of our rivals. Our lawns come in a variety of different shades, textures and lengths. Whatever your household or commercial needs, Forever Green Lawns have the perfect synthetic lawn for you.

Our Artificial Lawn Range

Forever Green Lawns are one of the UK’s leading Artificial Grass suppliers & Installation specialists. We have been Leading the way since 2004.

Our fantastic range of quality affordable fake grass comes in a variety of different shades, textures and lengths. Whatever your household or commercial needs, Forever Green Lawns have the perfect synthetic lawn for you. For all you dog lovers, we suggest you head over to our fake lawns for pets section; where you’ll find everything you need to know about buying the right lawn for your pets.

Why Buy Artificial Lawn?

Over the past few years, artificial lawns have grown in popularity and reduced in price. Yes, we may all aspire to have an immaculately groomed lawn, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it has to be real. So what are the benefits of installing Forever Green’s synthetic grass in your garden?

  • It looks great, all year round! You can barely tell the difference between real and fake; except for the fact that artificial lawns will always look lush and green, all year round. Say goodbye to dead grass!
  • We use only premium quality synthetic fibres, a mixture of Polyethylene and Polypropylene which gives our fake grass that real and natural look, along with durability, UV stability and softness.
  • It requires very little maintenance: only the occasional hose down and clean. No lawn mowing or constant watering means you can spend more time actually enjoying your garden instead of having to constantly upkeep it!
  • Cost-efficient: artificial turf can save you money on your water bills. On average, every square foot of artificial grass saves 55 gallons of water. Our low-cost artificial lawns effectively pay for themselves after around 4/5 years.
  • Ideal for pets and children: the synthetic surface allows kids, dogs, and other pets to happily play in the garden without picking up mud and generally making a mess of the lawn.


 Which of our artificial grass range should you buy?

You may be wondering which of our fake grass products to choose and are unsure which option is best. The honest answer is, they’re all superb products in their own right but your final decision should be dependent on your individual lawn needs, performance and aesthetic preference. Some customers prefer the short-cut look for a neat finish; others prefer the dense, luscious appearance to add a sense of luxury. Some customers require a hard-wearing grass necessary for sporting events; other customers are hoping to revamp a domestic space. If you are installing your artificial lawn on concrete, you may also want to consider our 10mm thick artificial grass underlay, to support your artificial grass when on such a hard surface. If you’re not sure; ask us! Try our live chat, available most days of the week, or contact us directly!

Order your New Artificial Grass, Today!

See something you like? Brilliant. You can either order online or contact us on 01732 323 122 to discuss further details with one of our team. Furthermore, if you want to ensure your artificial grass lawn looks as perfect as it can be, browse our range of artificial grass fitting accessories. Our Artificial Grass received an average of 4.8 out of 5 based on 20 reviews.