25 Uses of Artificial Grass

  Artificial grass is a truly versatile product that has been used in a wide range of applications. But did you know artificial grass has been used for everything from nails and sandals to pool surrounds and indoor gyms? See our 25 uses of artificial grass here: 1. Football Pitch Source 2. Playground / Play […]

How to Clean Artificial Grass

  So you’ve said goodbye to mowing, scarifying and fertilising. You have more time to spend lounging in the sun during the summer months, and your dog isn’t being told off for scratching the turf bare. Although your artificial grass does not need the same time or money investment after it’s instalment, you’ll still need […]

3G pitches – How are they made?

  So, football fans of lower league clubs, how fed up are you of fixtures being constantly postponed and called off due to waterlogged or done dry pitches? Well, this may not be the case for much longer. Pitches are beginning to undergo a transformation from grass to synthetic turf, which begs the question: are […]

How Much is Artificial Grass

As the popularity of artificial lawn rises, more and more people are naturally enquiring into how much it actually costs. Is it even that expensive? Is it just genuine value for money? Do the up front costs make up for the ease of maintenance? Well thought we’d give you an idea of the price of artificial […]