WIDTHS available 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5m

Artificial Grass Installation

Forever Green Lawns are one of the UK’s leading artificial grass specialists and suppliers. Leading the way since 2005.

Through our network of Landscapers & Artificial grass specialists, we can offer clients a full supply and installation service for those who prefer the hassle-free option. With over 175,000 square metres in stock, in 1/2/3/4/5 metre widths, we are also very well placed to cater for any of our trade customers & D.I.Y. enthusiasts requirements.

Click here to find out how to install artificial grass below.

Also in stock for those looking to bag a fantastic bargain we carry 100’s of end of roll and off cuts, all of which have been heavily discounted. See our off cuts page for more details.

Artificial Lawn Installation Service

*Please note; Forever Green Lawns Ltd. only supply the grass, we do not install the grass ourselves*.

Through our national network of landscapers, we can recommend installers throughout the whole of England, Scotland & Wales who offer our full range of artificial grass products.

Pricing on request by either:

E-mail your garden dimensions or simply call us direct, we will gladly price your garden project accordingly for you. Click here for our find a local installer form

For for the D.I.Y enthusiast, we offer a supply only service covering the whole of the UK.


Artificial Grass Installation Video


12 Steps to achieve that all year round perfect lawn.

Step 1

A old tired and worn looking lawn

Step 2

Your old lawn is cut up using turf cutter.

Step 3

Your old lawn is completely removed back to the subsoil.

Step 4

An edging can be inserted onto which the grass is secured.

Step 5

The type 1 being compacted using a wacker plate.

Step 6

Sand being made ready for levelling.

Step 7

The sand is levelled out and also compacted down.

Step 8

A heavy duty permeable membrane is laid over & secured onto the edging.

Step 9

Before the grass is laid and cut to shape and size, the edges are de-winged.

Step 10

Seaming tape is inserted ready for the adhesive to be spread for seaming the grass together.

Step 11

Carefully the grass is placed down onto the seaming tape and glue.

Step 12

The finished item, grass laid, secured onto the edging and brushed up with a power brush. Now, sit back, relax, and enjoy your Forever Green Lawn.

DIY Enthusiast? Tips and tools to lay Your Artificial Grass

If you are looking to install yourself then we recommend you use the following artificial grass tools to help and assist you in your work. Should you require advice on how to best lay your fake lawn along with quantities of aggregates required for your base work, Forever Green Lawns are more than willing to offer any free advice to any customer who purchases any of our products.

Please note; we highly recommend that if you have any mirrors or reflective items in your garden to remove them as  they can reflect the suns rays on to your artificial grass, this can cause burns marks.

Please note, if you are planning on installing artificial grass on concrete, you may want to consider our artificial grass underlay.

Turf cutter

To remove the existing turf, can be hired from any good tool hire shop. We recommend to cut down to a depth of up to 40/50mm.

Wacker plate

Wacker plate to compact aggregates, can be hired from any good tool hire shop.


Wheelbarrow to barrow turf & aggregates as required.

A Rake and a shovel

Following tools to assist with preparing your base work.

A Knife

Good sharp knife to cut with.

Seaming Tape

For seaming/joining you artificial grass together.

Most artificial grass has a wing on each edge. This has to be removed by using a sharp knife. For a good seamless join we recommend that you cut between the first and second stitch. On the next piece we recommend you cut between the second and third stitch. Carry on this process if you have more than just one join. In the picture below we have removed the wing and cut in between the first and second stitch on the left hand piece. On the right hand piece we have removed the wing and cut in between the second and third stitch. The seaming tape is placed between the centre of the two pieces of grass. (Green side down) The adhesive should be spread evenly along the tape. Very carefully lay the two pieces of artificial grass together onto the adhesive and tape, taking care not to get glue onto the grass fibres. Once laid together press down firmly or walk along the seam for added weight.

Sit back, relax and enjoy your Forever Green Lawn.

One of the most common and frequent questions asked is:

How much does artificial lawn cost to install?, so if you looking for a supply only price, or a full installation service, please see our guide prices below:

  • *As a guide price full artificial grass installation services can vary between £50 – £70.00 + per sqm. depending on your requirement and grass product.*
  • As each garden has its own individual looks and appearance and size, costing’s may vary from lawn to lawn.
  • You may decide to reduce the cost of your installation and take the D.I.Y. option, if so please see our artificial grass prices page for a full  listing of all our available products.
  • All our grasses come in either 1 metre, 2 metre, 3 metre, 4 metre or 5 metre widths. (subject to stock availability). We also have seaming tape, adhesive and heavy duty geo-textile membrane & fixing pins available to assist you in completing your project.
  • We also sell artificial power brushes that can help to prolong the longevity of your artificial grass.
  •  Available are pile heights of 30mm, 35mm, 38mm, 40mm and now 45mm pile.

Once installed you can now sit back relax and enjoy your Forever Green Lawn 365 days of the year.

Be the envy of your neighbours, no more mowing, watering or brown patches. We do recommend a regular maintenance schedule for your artificial grass, at the end of the day it’s merely an outside carpet, so you wouldn’t leave your indoor carpets un-swept for months on end would you? See our power brush page for further information on prices.

Sand Infill or Non- Sand Infill?

Most artificial grass products these days are manufactured to be Non-Infill. However, there are companies who once they have laid the grass will still infill with Kiln dry/Silica sand. This is to hold the grass in position, this can lead to several problems, the sand can clog the drainage holes in the grass, also, with a sand infill base it can become very prone to airborne pollination. The last thing you want is to have a perfect looking lawn with weeds growing up in the product. Here at Forever Green Lawns by inserting a frame work around the perimeter which we recommend to secure your grass onto eliminates the need to infill with sand along with keeping the drainage free flowing and weed free. To keep you lawn looking pristine, we recommend regular brushing up of the pile, this can done using any of our power brushes or lawn rake (Sold separately).

If you have your garden dimensions at hand we can give you a guide line estimate for this service, although this would be subject to a no obligation free site survey and inspection to give an accurate costing from one of our network of landscapers or installers.

Here at Forever Green we pride ourselves on the quality of our customer service, we strive to achieve the highest standards to ensure you are fully informed and to achieve the best possible standard of installation to maximise the lifespan of your imitation grass.

Non Sand Infill verses Sand Infill Process.

Artificial grass products have come a long way since their first introduction in the early 1960’s. Many of the products produced were mainly for sports usage, landscaping use was not considered as a primary thought.

However, as time has progressed, demand and public awareness of the use and benefits of having a synthetic lawn have increased along with changes and improvements in the products.

Early products were manufactured to be in-filled with kiln dry sand, this assisted with the durability of the products as they were primarily used for sports. With the evolution and demand for landscaping products came the Non- Infill grass for garden and lawn usage.

These products have been manufactured with a curled thatched coloured root inlay system which helps to maintain the fibres without letting them fall. By adding this root system it has enabled the installation to be completed without the need to infill with kiln dry sand.

Not only are the products heavier and more realistic in their looks, by not adding kiln dry sand, this has helped reduce the probability of weeds growing in your perfect looking artificial grass lawn.

The Forever Green range are all manufactured as Non-infill Fake grass products, as so, are installed without any form of infill.

Other companies still recommend that an infill is used, so we ask the question,

Why infill a product that is manufactured to be Non-In-filled ?

The answer is simple; It’s quicker & easier for securing the grass.

 Customer Testimonials

“I’m so pleased with my new artificial lawn, the kids love it, we love and the dog loves it too” says Mr & Mrs Whitehead of Basildon, Essex.

“The company that was recommended to us did exactly as they said, they were on time and with little disturbance, the fitters were nice and friendly lads indeed” writes Mr McGarrell of Erith Kent.

“We were so happy with the installation in the back garden we decided to have the front done straight after the back was completed” Mr & Mrs Plackard of Surrey.

“I had to take a second look at the lawn, it looks so fantastic and realistic” adds Mr Brown of East Sussex.

Artificial Grass Maintenance

We do recommend that you brush to clear debris, as not only does this help to keep moss growth at bay.

Or, why not treat yourself and take away all the hard work and purchase one of our AGM Electric Power Brushes. Not only does this fantastic innovative lightweight machine help remove surface and deeper buried debris, it also lifts up the pile and can leave it looking as good as the day it was laid.

All our products can be cleaned by using any domestic cleaning fluid, if using water, please only use cold water. (Do not clean with boiling hot water).

(Infill with 2/4 kilos of kiln dry sand per square metre if the area has heavy usage).

Sand filled products, top up with kiln dry sand regularly and brush in with garden rake or stiff broom.

With nature being a very formidable force, at times around any edging you may get weed growth, if so, we recommend removing weeds or any form of growth by hand as required. The use of weed killer may be required to help stop further growth.

For more information about our artificial grass installation, get in contact with us!