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We do offer a free artificial grass sample pack of our complete range of artificial grass products. Simply fill out the contact form with your address details below and we’ll send you the sample pack. You will receive all 6 of our products to test the quality for yourself!

Alternatively, give us a call or e-mail us at or fill in the enquiry form, please ensure all your contact details are added to ensure swift response to your request. More information about the artificial grass samples on offer can be found at the bottom of the page:


Quality Artificial Grass Samples

Online shopping for such an important aspect of your garden can be a challenging task. This is why we provide free artificial grass samples for you to try our range of artificial grass. This allows you to feel the quality and softness of each design to make the best choice for your garden. Our artificial grass sample pack contains examples of our exceptional quality lawns, all of which have different shades, textures and lengths of grass.

After browsing our wonderful selection, if you’re interested in our grass, one of our team can provide you with a no-obligation quote and get you in touch with a top class installer.

What types of grass do we offer?

You can order the following artificial grass samples:

  • Las Vegas- The lowest cost of our range with a 20mm thickness, the Las Vegas grass provides immaculate appearance at budget prices. Short and authentic, it provides an ‘all-round’ approach to your garden, appropriate for almost any household with minimal maintenance.
  • Hawaii- If you’re looking for a thick, colourful lawn, the Hawaii design is perfect for you. Made from two different tones and 30mm thickness, the realistic finish provides a durable covering of your garden. With an added brown curled root system, the Hawaii design gives a naturalistic appearance to your synthetic lawn.
  • Kansas (New!) – As one of our premium designs at 30mm thickness, Kansas gives a luxurious look to any space. Neighbours and friends will be green with envy over your flawless lawn where you can entertain with a tidy, well-groomed lawn.
  • Orlando- With a 30mm thickness and soft, luscious feel, our Orlando design appears exceptionally life-like. It is of premium quality, created to be more tactile and luxurious than lower budget grass types. The neat-cut finish gives the appearance of a freshly cut lawn all year round.
  • Los Angeles- Also in our premium range, our Los Angeles design is exceptionally lifelike. It’s difficult to notice the difference between this design and real grass! It’s one of our thickest lawn, at 35mm that gives a healthy, tidy look. If that’s the look you want, the Los Angeles design is the right option for you.


  • Atlanta- 35mm thickness and a longer length to suit those wanting more grass, The Atlanta provides an air of elegance and class to an existing outdoor space. Suitable for any garden parties or family gatherings, the Atlanta design will attract the eyes of all your guests.
  • Beverly Hills- For those preferring a clean-cut, neat look, the Beverly Hills design is perfect for those that are house-proud. With a multi-toned colour scheme, the grass looks rich and natural that’ll make any garden owner proud. This type is available in two and four-metre lengths that will be ideal if you’re looking to re-landscape your garden. You could even use this type as a floor covering for events like festivals and weddings- the use is completely up to you!
  • San Fransisco- Artificial lawns of top-class quality need to look great too. This is why we created the San Fransisco type of synthetic grass. Perfect for the whole family, including children and pets, this lawn’s perfect for those that prefer a thick natural looking grass. Like all our lawns, it lasts throughout the seasons and is durable and tough against adverse weather conditions.
  • Miami- available in 38mm thickness, the Miami range comes in 2m and 4m width delivered to your door. You needn’t fear of lawns looking fake and plastic, as we make an effort with all our products to ensure they look realistic as natural grass. That’s why we use multi-tone grass of varying thickness so your outdoor spaces look neat and well kept.

Why Forever Green Lawns?

  • We’re a leading supplier of artificial grass,
  • We’re one of the only companies in the UK to offer 1m, 2m, 3m, and 4m widths to suit the dynamic spaces of any plot.
  • We create textured, natural-looking lawns of premium quality at reasonable prices
  • Everyone deserves a great-looking lawn, which is why we cover the whole of the UK

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