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Artificial Grass Calculator: Feet to Metres Conversion Calculator

For those of you who have measured your garden in feet and inches above we have an artificial grass conversion calculator, simply type in your imperial measurements and the converter will convert your measurements into metric dimensions. Once you have your actual garden measurements in metric dimensions, all you have to do now is, decide how to lay your artificial grass to most cost effective design for your garden or preferred look.

Unlike natural turf and our competitors, we offer our products in either 1 metre2 metre, 3 metre, 4 metre and 5 metre widths, so when calculating for the actual amount of artificial grass required you will need to take this into account.

For example if your garden is 4.50 metres wide and 5.80 metres long you can lay the grass in either of two ways:

  1. If you prefer to have the pile facing across the garden (horizontally) you would require the following: 1 piece 4.50 metres in length x 4.00 metres wide, 1 piece 4.50 metres in length x 2 metres wide. As a result from laying the grass this way you would have a waste piece of 4.50 in length x 0.20 wide.
  2. If you prefer to have the pile facing either towards or away from you (vertically) the following is required: 1 piece 5.80 metres long x 4.00 metres wide, 1 piece 5.80 metres long x 1.00 metre wide. As a result of laying the grass this way you would have a waste piece measuring 5.80 metres long x 0.50 metres wide.

Depending on how the grass is laid can also have a bearing on the project cost as artificial grass is sold on a similar way to indoor carpet.

In our examples above, by taking into account how our artificial grass products are sold, (either 1 metre, 2 metre, 3 metre or 4 metres widths) by laying the grass horizontally across the garden the waste is much less than if laying the artificial grass vertically down the garden. The choice is yours, however, for the best aesthetic look, we recommend the grass be laid vertically down the garden with the pile facing towards the house.