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Artificial Grass Power Brush, Hoovers and Vacuums

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Showing all 6 results

Artificial Grass Power Brush, Hoovers and Vacuums

As one of the leading suppliers of artificial grass in the UK, we know how important it is to keep your artificial grass looking brand new. While you may think a normal hoover or vacuum can do the job, using a regular house hoover can, in fact, damage the artificial grass and the hoover itself. Our range of alternative artificial grass hoovers, vacuums and brushes are specially designed to maintain your artificial grass and keep it looking flawless.

It’s important to note that our artificial grass broom products and vacuums are not like a household hoover. They are for outdoor use and electric-powered, (excluding the AGM 200 Cordless) using brushes to clean and sweep away debris, with one of our models AGM 502 EUK, using a collection box to help gather debris. They don’t suck up the debris, rather they extract and push it.

Our power brushes. hoovers and artificial grass vacuum alternatives are the perfect cleaning equipment for your new artificial lawn. Ranging from power brushes, electric brooms and lawnmower-like electric power brooms, our equipment will ensure your artificial grass is cleaned to perfection – all without damaging your grass.

Artificial Grass Cleaning Equipment

There are many different types of artificial grass cleaning equipment. At Forever Green Lawns, we focus on a range of brush-powered hoovers and vacuums that clean your lawn, brush away debris, and in the case of our artificial grass power broom with collection brush, vacuum and collect the debris from your artificial grass.

By using a broom-based system, our cleaning equipment not only clears leaves and other garden debris from your lawn, it also brushes your lawn as it is used. This helps keep your lawn looking fresh, grass plump and upright, and your artificial lawn clear of litter.

Key features:

  • Purpose-designed brooms – for effective cleaning
  • Electric/petrol/battery powered – for fast cleaning
  • Grass pile lifting technology – to keep your grass looking fresh
  • Ergonomic design – to make the job comfortable

Artificial Grass Power Brush Alternatives

An artificial grass power brush is essential for maintaining your lawn and keep it looking its best. Many owners of artificial lawns believe a house vacuum is sufficient for cleaning their garden. While this may be fine for very light maintenance, they are often not suitable for standard garden debris. and can cause damage to pile.

This is particularly the case in the Autumn and Winter months, where litter, waste and debris is likely to increase. This can often cause the vacuum or hoover to become clogged and damaged, making it unsuitable for even home use. Trailing the vacuum behind can not only cause the grass to become flat or crushed, but also runs the risk of it catching on the artificial grass underlay itself, damaging the lawn.

Our artificial grass power brush/hoover alternatives are purpose-built for artificial grass. They differ from a standard hoover in that they use a brush system to clean the artificial grass effectively. This means it can not only get deep into the grass and brush debris away without causing damage, it also pushes the grass upwards, keeping your artificial grass looking full and vibrant.

Our Artificial Grass Power brooms With Collection Box (AGM 502EUK) is the perfect artificial grass vacuum, with a collection box to collect all manner of garden litter.

Some key features include:

  • Use all year-round.
  • Collection box for collection of leaves, pine needles and other debris.
  • Powerful grass pile lift.
  • Perfect for bigger gardens.
  • Push and pull functionality, for vacuuming and lifting pile.

Artificial Grass Brooms

Our artificial grass brooms and brushes are the perfect artificial grass cleaning equipment for your new lawn. This is because you have a choice of petrol, lithium battery or electric-powered, making the job of cleaning and maintaining your garden easy, fast and effective.

Our artificial grass brooms are perfect for any size garden, but are particularly effective for larger gardens that accumulate debris from the surrounding environment. Purpose-built to keep your garden looking new, our artificial grass brooms clean and refresh your grass with brushes engineered to handle a wide range of garden litter.

We have a range of artificial grass brooms that can meet your cleaning and maintenance needs. Including:

  • Electric AGM 141EUK – A great multi-purpose artificial grass power brush.
  • Electric AGM 600EUK – One of the most powerful artificial grass brooms on the market.
  • Electric AGM 502EUK With Collection Box – Perfect for brushing, clearing and collecting garden debris.
  • Electric AGM 300ZF With Supporting Wheel System – A powerful artificial grass broom with rear suppoting wheel system for easier use.
  • Lithium Battery Operated AGM 200 – A great multi-purpose artificial grass power brush.
  • Petrol AGM 600PUK- One of the most petrol driven powerful artificial grass brooms on the market.

Synthetic Turf Sweepers

Our range of artificial grass cleaning equipment are also perfect synthetic turf sweepers. Not only do our brush-powered vacuums and power brushes and brooms help keep your garden tidy, they are also great at sweeping away twigs, leaves and other clutter in your garden.

With our synthetic turf sweepers having a sweeping width of up to 600 mm, you can be sure that our equipment gets the job done quickly and efficiently.

With brushing and sweeping actions, our synthetic turf sweepers can help your garden look great all year round, with a much lower risk of damaging your artificial grass compared to a standard household vacuum or sweeper.

Browse our artificial grass cleaning equipment today and choose the one that’s right for you! Simply place your order online or call us on 01732 323 122 to discuss our options or your order in more detail.

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