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False Lawns for the Young and Old Alike


The Retired Turn to Artificial Lawns as Alternative to Real Grass.

Established in 2005, Forever Green Lawns are now one of the UK’s leading importers and stockists of artificial grass, we have many sizes to suit our customer’s needs, from just 1 square metre up to whatever your requirements.

Supply only from £10.99 per square metre.

Fake grass is an up and coming must have for the garden, its popularity is forever growing. As more people become aware of the benefits, it is no surprise more of us are turning to this product as an alternative to real grass.

With the seemingly persistent rain that has hit this country in recent years, is just one example of why more customers are turning to the option of installing a synthetic lawn. When the rain keeps falling, the grass keeps growing, but mowing it in the wet is not easy. So not surprisingly, your back garden starts to look scruffy, and you are left at the mercy of the elements of nature.

The retired and older generation has always taken great pride in their gardens, and it is for this reason that they, as much as any of us, are choosing the option of an imitation lawn.

With many people living longer nowadays and remaining independent well into their 80’s and even 90’s fake grass offers real benefits.

With a well maintained looking lawn all year round this can hold real value for the older generation and retired, even for the less mobile and wheelchair users this can help take away a lot of frustration of lawn care. Once again they can take pride of looking out at a beautiful lawn come rain, hail or shine. Not only that, they have the convenience of being able to use their lawn at any time of the year.

Disabled & wheelchair bound can benefit from a Fake Lawn.

As mobility becomes a problem for the elderly more time can be spent at home, it makes it increasingly important for them to be able to use and enjoy a garden. So for the simple reason of not having to worry about having to maintain a lawn themselves or rely on the goodwill of others to help them, or even pay someone to come in and keep it tidy, imitation grass is the perfect solution.

The same problems that affect the elderly are also similar for the disabled members of our community. Having to mow the lawn regularly, or even at all, can be extremely difficult if not almost impossible. Along with watering the grass to maintain its condition in hot weather is extremely demanding and exhausting.

They too are increasingly opting for imitation grass to ensure their once pristine looking gardens look perfect throughout the year.

Gone are the worries of a regular maintenance routine. Artificial turf is perfect for wheelchair uses too, as the indent of the wheels make little impact, whereas on a soft and boggy lawn moving around it can end up leaving mud tracks or you can even get stuck. By installing a Fake Grass Lawn, moving around, cutting it and watering it, puts an end to all these problems.

Residential care homes for the elderly and disabled people have already installed synthetic grass in their grounds, apart from lowering maintenance costs it means residents being able to use the grassed areas much more throughout the year, without risk of slipping on muddy areas after it has been raining.

Dogs & Pet Owners Too Enjoy Astro grass

For those who have pets for company, letting the dog out for exercise in bad weather can not only churn up the grass, but brings muddy paws indoors, creating mess and dirt everywhere.

Dog owners love the fact that our products can be hosed down and cleaned whenever necessary. So no more brown or yellow patches on the lawn and clearing up that dreaded dogs mess becomes easy and simple. Dogs love to have a good old back scratch. Check out our artificial grass for pets page for more information!

Turn grey & drab rooftops into a green oasis

And even if there’s no garden, then a small patio, rooftop or even a balcony, can be made much more attractive with fake turf installed.

By laying our products that bit of green, can make all the difference to a once grey drab or one unusable area.

Around Swimming Pools

False grass is also a great way to help prevent slippery and wet surfaces around swimming pools. Chlorine from the pool does not dis-colour or stain the fake grass.

So it is no surprise that the false grass lawn option is becoming more agreeable and popular to so many people for so many different reasons.

Schools & Commercial Projects.

Commercial outdoor projects and Schools too are also becoming very aware that by having artificial grass they can provide all year round facilities for pupils to use and enjoy.

During the summer, event companies like to provide entertainment and sporting facilities for kids during their long breaks. They can now provide the youngsters with an area in which they can play without fear of getting dirty or muddy. Our Los angeles Grass product, which we believe is one of the softest on the market, is ideal for these occasions.

We’re sure you’ve heard of the product Astro Turf®, but did you know this is simply one early brand of artificial grass?

At Forever Green Lawns, we don’t supply AstroTurf® products, all of our products are part of the Forever Green brand and represent high end quality, with up to date cutting edge technology behind it.

Our Fake grass products can be used in the same situations as AstroTurf® so just give us a call or an e-mail to discuss your requirements, or to discuss any questions or queries you may have.

When AstroTurf® first made an appearance in the early 1960’s, many amateur and professional football clubs were tempted to install it for their pitches, but their texture made it a little rough for home domestic use.

Since the use of new materials and improvements in the manufacturing processes, this has now resulted in artificial turf products with improved textures that can be used in areas where children can run around and have fun all day long, without the fear of creating bald or worn out patches on the lawn.

If you are not sure which of our four products best match for your requirements, please feel free to call us and a member of our team will be happy to talk to you about the various different types of Fake Turf for sale.