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Seaming Tape for Artificial Turf

Specialised seaming tape 200 mm wide for joining Artificial Grass together. To be used in conjunction with our specialised adhesive tubes. (Sold separately).
Seaming Tape £1.25 per linear metre.

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Technical Data sheet 

  • Engine Type; Electric 141 EUK
  • Power; 300W/230V
  • Forward speeds; 1
  • Reverse speeds; None
  • Style; Hand held
  • Working width; 40 cm
  • Weight; 4.8 kilos
  • Suitable for rain or snow; No
  • Cable length; 5 metre
  • 12 months Parts & Labour Warranty. (Subject to warranty registration).
  • Brushes; 25mm Twin Drum Heavy Duty Nylon
  • Measures; 40 x 25 x 136 cm
  • Packing measures; 5 x 25 x 73.5 cm
  • Small amount of self assembly required to fit handle & shaft together.

See how effective this lightweight and easy to use machine lifts the pile and brushes out debris in our short video above.

Do not put excessive pressure or weight on the shaft when using, as this will cause a clicking noise, causing the belt on the motor to slip, just let the machine do it’s work, simply pull the machine back towards you and guide it with the front handle.

Nylon Drums and brushes may come in either black or white depending on stock availability at the time of order.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What maintenance will Artificial Turf need?
What maintenance will Artificial Turf need?
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This seaming tape for artificial turf is 200 mm wide and is ideal to be used when joining two pieces of artificial grass together, it should be used in conjunction with our specialised adhesive, mastic gun & glue spreader, all of which are also available for you to purchase either in a kit or separately.

Fold back both pieces of artificial grass, roll out the artificial grass tape and place between the two pieces in the middle, then, roll out the seaming tape with the dark green side facing down, cut to the required length, apply the glue using a mastic gun onto the lighter side, spread out evenly. (An off cut of the grass can be used, use the underside for best spreading results). Then carefully and together if possible fold back the artificial grass onto the glue and tape and press down hard along the seam.

To apply the adhesive you will require a mastic gun. We do advise you to wear protective clothing when applying any adhesive such as gloves and glasses.

Seaming tape is sold by the linear metre, so measure the length of your join and that’s the length of seaming tape required.

As seen in the picture, always ensure the green side is face down and apply the glue to the lighter side.

If you require seaming tape, membrane or glue only, please contact us directly on 0800 668 1958 or 01732 323122. If you purchase online you will be charged our standard £35.00 deliery charge, call the office we can reduce the deliery charge. (*Applies to seaming tape, membrane & glue only*).