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How do I make artificial grass stand up?

It’s inevitable that eventually, your artificial grass will flatten to an extent. Consistent use can mean that the blades will have difficulty supporting themselves. While our high-quality blades need minimal maintenance, they still need a helping hand to look their very best. This is where having a maintenance plan comes in. Although our grass has a 10-year warranty, Forever Green Lawns advise all our buyers to maintain their lawns regularly for the best appearance. Here is how to make artificial grass stand up.

Firstly, why does artificial grass go flat?

Since most artificial grass is delivered in rolls, the grass will initially be compressed in one direction. This requires the installers to brush the grass, with many manufactured types of lawn requiring sand infills. Over time, due to wear and tear, the grass will flatten, particularly if used frequently.

Our grass does not require any sand infills, as the grass contains a central nerve and textured root effect. This both helps the grass look natural and springs the turf upwards. But like all artificial turf, frequent usage would push down the blades slightly over time. If your lawn’s looking a little worse for wear, we can help. Here are some tips to keep your synthetic lawn standing.

1. Use a broom – the old school method

It may seem quite obvious, but when grass is looking a little despondent, you can perk up your grass by sweeping over it to raise the strands. We advise giving the lawn a quick brush around once a month, possibly more if you’re using it every day in the summer months. You can do this by brushing in the opposite direction to that of the fibres.

If you have pets, removing hair from the grass will also be important. However, this can be very exhausting work, which leads us on to our next tip.


2. Use an artificial grass power brush.

Using a broom can be less effective and much more tiresome than using an electric powered powerbrush. Power brushes are important, particularly in colder temperatures or in the autumn when you’re cleaning your grass more frequently. We have our own specially designed power brush to keep your grass looking fresh. It works to sweep all dirt and debris, whilst straitening the pile as you go.

They can also be used for removing debris, dust and leaves from your plot.  Get yours artificial grass powerbrush here via our online shop today.


3. Other advice

  • If you’ve placed garden furniture on your lawn, move it regularly to avoid the area from becoming flat. Although this shouldn’t damage good quality grass, it will help it appear much more realistic. However, carefully consider the furniture you place on your turf, as although wooden furniture would work well, metal may damage the blades by irreparably cutting them or the membrane underneath.
  • It’s important to prevent weed growth on the outskirts of your lawn. Therefore, you need to ensure that you’re stocked up on weed killer. This will prevent weed growing up through the artificial grass, or your garden looking untidy around the edges.
  • Read more about artificial grass maintenance here.


Your lawn will last its warranty provided that it is correctly cared for. Neglecting your lawn can mean more work and cost in the long term, so it’s easier to brush your lawn regularly and follow our other tips in this post to keep your lawn looking magnificent. It’s easy to take your grass for granted, but regular maintenance will be better for your lawn long-term. If your lawn’s looking a little worse for wear, it’s never too late to start a maintenance plan. We’re happy to give you advice, so contact our expert team if you’re unsure.

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