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How to Choose Artificial Grass

Stitch rate, pile height, Polypropylene!? It’s easy to get bogged down in the detail when it comes to choosing artificial grass. You may be thinking, what is the best artificial grass for my needs? We’ve put together a guide to show you exactly what you’re buying and help you navigate the world of fake turf, whether you require a cheaper product or the best artificial grass on the market. In general, you’ll find that the long piled, dense and multi-toned grasses are the most expensive but it may be that a cheaper grass is better for you.

This guide below covers everything you need to consider when switching to an artificial lawn.


Artificial grass generally comes 2m and 4m widths, however, here at Forever Green Lawns we supply 1 metre, 2 metre, 3 metre & 4-metre width rolls. You can order up to 12 metres in length. All you need to do is measure your garden and calculate the width and length required. If you need a hand, get in contact with us on 01732 323 122.

Note: You may have to purchase two or three rolls in order to fit areas larger than 4meteres wide. For example, if you have an area measuring 6m wide, you’ll need to purchase 2x3m width rolls. Read the guide above for more information on this.

Infill vs Non-infill

Sand infill was traditionally used to assist the blades in standing up, however, the majority of artificial grass modern artificial grass products are manufactured to be Non-Infill – so they do not require sand infill. Modern artificial grass (the products we supply on this website) has been manufactured with a thatched curly yarn inlay system, which supports the fibres and gives the grass a more natural look.

You can read more about infill vs non-infill artificial grass here.

PP/PE combination

We would advise purchasing a product with a mix of PP (polypropylene and polyethene as the mixture is more durable, realistic and dense.

Most artificial lawns contain a mixture of:

–       Polyethene (mono-filament) and

–       Propylene (curly yarn).

You will find that companies will offer 100% polypropylene at cheaper prices but these are:

–       Much lower quality

–       More likely to be damaged by heat and UV exposure,

–       Prone to breakages

–       Carry a high static charge

Polyethylene is a great material for artificial grass because:

–       It is “inert” and cannot produce mould or mildew.

–       It has a lower static charge than polypropylene so it attracts less dust and dirt.

–       It is also translucent in nature so it allows less light through it than polypropylene.

Polyethylene costs more than polypropylene because it has a higher purity (100% virgin).  This means that a greater mix of PP / PE will result in a higher quality product.


Most people look to the pile height of the product to determine its quality, however, it’s the weight that is a more useful benchmark. A higher stitch rate and gauge (see below, i.e. more stitches per square metre) mean that the grass would be heavier as you’re essentially getting more grass in the same surface area.

Stitch rate

Stitch rate refers to the number of stitches per square metre – the more stitches, the heavier the density, the higher the quality of the grass.

Artificial grass is made from yarns of plastic and latex. These are extremely hard wearing synthetic fibres and the greater the number of yarns, the denser and thicker the grass is.

Thick, dense grass creates the most comfortable and luxurious feel underfoot. Low-density/stitch rate grass is a great budget option and is best in smaller areas that don’t have much foot traffic. While heavy, thick grass is the best option for high-traffic areas, as it will last the longest.

Pile height

The pile height is a huge factor when deciding which type of grass is right for you. Not all surfaces are the same length, so it’s important to decide whether you want luscious long blades or a shorter variety that offers a well-kept look.

  •    35mm – This pile length is perfect for anyone who prefers a rich green healthy looking lawn. It’s designed to look natural and is perfect for areas including; gardens, play areas, schools and pre-schools as it’s very soft & tactile.

Example: See our 35mm Pile artificial grass here

  •    30mm This pile length is intended for frequent use environments including; gardens, play areas with pets, private and public pools, green areas and terraces. It’s ideal for anyone who prefers a more established looking lawn.

Example: See our 30mm Pile artificial grass here.

Environmental factors

Artificial turf is very eco-friendly because there’s no need for mowing, fertilising, watering or chemicals for lawn maintenance. People can also reduce the amount of energy they use maintaining their gardens, therefore, reducing their carbon footprint.


In order to create a realistic, natural lawn, artificial grass comes in a range of different shades. If you’re looking to replicate the look of real grass you need the right shade of green with the addition of a brown fleck. If you opt for grass that is perfectly green, then your lawn will look more like a bowling green than the natural look you want.

Fire resistance

Safety is a crucial factor for many people when deciding if the artificial grass is right for them or not. Is artificial grass flammable, fire resistant or fire retardant? The short answer is yes – mostly! Quality artificial grass has fire-resistant properties so you’ll have to speak with your supplier to double check whether the grass is fire resistant.

You can read more here: is artificial grass flammable?

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