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How to Prepare Your Garden For Autumn

The sun may still be shining (intermittently) but the days are already getting shorter and there’s a slight chill in the air first thing and last thing in the day, it’s impossible to deny that autumn is on its way already.

For avid gardeners this time of the year means that a lot of our flowers will have already bloomed and a new colour palette is beginning to spread across or flowerbeds.

Here are a few tips on preparing your garden for those crisp autumnal days.

  1. Plant bulbs – Everyone likes to see a bit of colour in the garden during the colder months. Now’s the time to plant your bulbs for next year!
  2. Trim back perennials – If some of your plants’ leaves are beginning to turn orange and brown then it’s time to get out the secateurs and trim them back for this year.
  3. Stake young trees – If you have young and willowy plants and trees in the garden then tie them to stake in the ground to keep them upright during cold and windy weather.
  4. Rake up leaves – During this time of the year many of your plants will be dropping their leaves, don’t leave the leaves on the flowerbed as they can suffocate young plants. Rake them up and leave them in a pile to compost.
  5. Spread compost – The soil is still fairly warm during the autumn months and many of your plants will still be growing. Now is a great time to spread compost over your garden, as it will help your flowerbeds to retain moisture and protect your plants from dramatic fluctuations in temperature.

Think about artificial lawns – do you have some areas of your garden that you dont require any plants and you wan’t to prevent weeds from growing. Thing about using artificial lawns to keep the weeds out and keep the lawn fresh all year round.

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