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How much is artificial grass?

Artificial grass is becoming increasingly popular for domestic property owners, thanks to its low maintenance requirements, simple installation and suitability for those with pets and small children.

There are many different types of artificial grass available on the market, each suitable for different customer requirements including size, quality, desired look, pet-friendliness and, of course, cost.

The cost of your artificial grass really depends on the type of lawn you choose and what your requirements are but is likely to range from around £1,000-£2,500, depending on specific project details.

The cost of your artificial lawn will cover three areas:

  • The cost of the grass itself
  • Installation cost
  • The cost of any further maintenance

Artificial Grass Cost

Our range of artificial grass products is both wide and cost-competitive, with multiple types of turf available.

If you’re looking for a small scale, 1 or 2-metre wide roll, prices start from just £9.49 per square metre for one of our Standard Range of artificial lawns, whereas one of our Premium Range artificial lawns can cost up to £18.49 per square metre.

Artificial grass off-cuts are a useful alternative for many customers, which can be found as low as £6.00 per square metre for end-of-roll pieces – these provide the same level of product quality but are simply leftover grass from previous projects.

Artificial Grass Cost

There are a couple of factors to take into account when considering artificial grass installation costs:

  • The size of your garden/laying area
  • Access restrictions
  • Edging and extra detail (e.g. curves)
  • Professional or DIY?


Covering a larger surface area or detailed edging requirements are likely to increase installation time, which therefore increases costs if using a professional installer.

You may choose to install your artificial grass yourself to reduce associated costs, but you are likely to require a number of artificial grass tools to get your artificial lawn installed correctly yourself.

Otherwise, the installation of your artificial grass is likely to take a couple of days and cost around £45.00 per square metre depending on the labour charge of your selected installer.

Read our guide to DIY artificial grass installation

Artificial Grass Maintenance Costs

One of the most attractive qualities of artificial grass is that it requires far less maintenance (and expenditure) than a natural lawn. Whilst it requires no mowing, it is best to keep your artificial grass clean for the best appearance, particularly if you have pets.

At Forever Green Lawns we recommend a weekly artificial lawn clean during the Summer months, and to focus on maintaining your grass with a ‘little and often’ approach as opposed to letting dirt build-up. Using a power brush once a month will help to keep your artificial grass looking really full, natural and free of debris.

You can clean your artificial lawn with a hose, or try a water-based artificial lawn cleaner for a deeper clean and the ‘fresh grass’ smell! Power brushes are available from Forever Green Lawns from £165.00 and can be electric or petrol powered.

Our guide to cleaning artificial grass reveals our top tips for keeping your artificial grass looking clean and healthy, including eliminating odours, removing debris and preventing weeds.


To find out more about the costs of purchasing or installing artificial grass, get in touch to speak with a member of our team – alternatively, find an artificial grass installer in your area or take a look at our artificial grass FAQs for further information.


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