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Artificial Grass Maintenance Equipment|Cleaning | Electric Power Brush Lawn Sweeper | Rake | Broom

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The “AGM Electric Power Brush Lawn Sweeper”,

R.R.P £285.00 + £37.50 Delivery.

Don’t miss out on this new and exciting revolutionary product specially engineered and designed for brushing off unwanted debris and leaves from all Artificial Grass products.

With Winter quickly approaching this is the ideal machine for making your life a lot easier when maintaining your Artificial Lawn, not only this time, but at any time of the year.


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Not only does the vigorous rotating nylon brushes help to clear any top surface or deep buried debris that may have found its way onto or into the curled root system of the artificial grass it also helps to re-lift the crushed or flat pile.

This innovative machine is lightweight, easy to use and produces a fantastic looking artificial grass lawn.

Make your Artificial Lawn have that professionally brushed up appearance for just a fraction of the cost of most petrol driven power tools used by the trade.

This mini hand held machine has been specifically designed for use on Artificial Grass products only, with its specially designed nylon twin drum brush heads, ensures that the fibres of your grass are not damaged during the cleaning and brushing process. Bring the life back into your Artificial Grass Lawn.

This fantastic and specially designed revolutionary machine is leading the way for the home domestic market, assists in removing leaves, pine needles and any sundry debris that may have been deposited on your lawn through natural causes.

Just remember, that at the end of the day, artificial grass is merely an outdoor carpet and should be treated and viewed as such. (It is not 100% maintenance free). This is the ideal maintenance machine for Artificial Grass, Fake Grass, Synthetic Grass & Astro Turf™ products.

To see how easy this is to use and how it transforms your artificial grass lawn, click onto our video below, not only does this fantastic machine help to clear you lawn, it also assists in lifting up the pile as you go, making it look refreshed.

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Product Description

Artificial grass is not 100% maintenance free as a lot of people believe. Whilst as a product there is no need for watering or mowing like traditional lawns, there is some upkeep required to make sure it stays in good condition. Just like any traditional home carpet or, in this case garden carpet, you will still need to care for your artificial grass on a regular basis i.e. cleaning and maintaining it.

When artificial grass lawns are rolled out for the first time and newly laid they have a flat/crushed appearance, this due to the fact they have yet to relax and be brushed up.

If your Artificial Lawn is installed by a professional Artificial Grass company, your grass is generally brushed up with the use of a high powered industrial petrol driven hand held power brush. These petrol power brushes are heavy, cumbersome along with being very expensive. (In excess of £750.00). Although they perform the same service they are not specifically designed for artificial grass and can possibly damage the spine of the grass making it less resilient to standing upright.

There are several other ways to brush up your artificial grass pile, first of all you can brush up the grass the old traditional way, by using a medium soft bristle brush/broom.

By manually brushing with a medium soft bristle broom, although this will help keep the pile upright and debris free, this can prove to be rather hard work and straining.

Or, now you can make life a lot easier and use the;

“AGM Electric Power Brush Lawn Sweeper”.

By using the “AGM Electric Power Brush”, not only does the vigorous rotating Nylon brushes lift the pile perfectly of your newly laid lawn, it also helps to clear any debris that may have found its way into the curled root system of the artificial grass or Astroturf product.

By incorporating a double drum nylon brush system, this ensures the fibres of your grass are lifted perfectly and does not damage the spine of the artificial grass in any way during the rotation of the drum.

With Artificial grass that has been laid for a period of time, with constant usage and heavy foot traffic the pile can tend to crush and lay flat.

After the initial period of installation and the first power brushing, for the rest of the lawn’s life, you will only ever need to use the “AGM Electric Power Brush” on your Fake Grass to give it a spruce or clean up. Brushing it just once or twice a month is ideal for average used lawns, or more regularly if heavy usage.

This fantastic specially designed and revolutionary electric power rake is leading the way in both helping to clear off leaves, pine needles, and any sundry debris that may have been deposited via mother nature and assists in refreshing the pile of your Artificial Grass.

When using your “AGM Electric Power Broom” ensure you use the brush in different directions so as to keep the turf pile bouncy and upright. However, for the best lifting effect on the pile, it is advisable that you pull backwards against the direction of the pile, not only does this lift up the pile perfectly, it will also brush out any debris that may have found its way onto and into the pile of the grass. All you need to do is, by using your “AGM electric synthetic turf sweeper”, is brush the debris to the edge of the lawn and sweep up using a traditional dust pan and brush.

*Do not put excessive pressure or weight on the shaft when using, as this will cause a clicking noise, causing the belt on the motor to slip, just let the machine do it’s work, simply pull the machine back towards you and guide it with the front handle*.


Technical Data sheet 

  • Engine Type; Electric 141 EUK
  • Power; 300W/230V
  • Forward speeds; 1
  • Reverse speeds; None
  • Style; Hand held
  • Working width; 40 cm
  • Weight; 4.8 kilos
  • Suitable for rain or snow; No
  • Cable length; 5 metre
  • Parts Warranty; 12 months.
  • Brushes; 25mm Twin Drum Heavy Duty Nylon
  • Measures; 40 x 25 x 136 cm
  • Packing measures; 5 x 25 x 73.5 cm
  • Small amount of self assembly required to fit handle & shaft together.

See how effective this lightweight and easy to use machine lifts the pile and brushes out debris in our short video above.

Do not put excessive pressure or weight on the shaft when using, as this will cause a clicking noise, causing the belt on the motor to slip, just let the machine do it’s work, simply pull the machine back towards you and guide it with the front handle.

Nylon Drums and brushes may come in either black or white depending on stock availability at the time of order.