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Water-Saving Tips for Summer

We can’t moan about the summer this year. Like most of the UK, we’ve been enjoying the sunny weather at Forever Green Lawns and doesn’t it make a pleasant change?

The only danger we can see is there being too much sun, you know what happens then, the country is plunged into drought conditions.

We’re a long way off that yet but it doesn’t do any harm to think about saving water over the summer, try these tips and do you bit for rain harvesting.

Tip 1

Buy a water butt

Use a water butt to harvest rain water. This is a really effective use for water that would be wasted otherwise. Divert rain water from the roof of your home and collect this inside a butt, whatever you harvest can be used for watering the plants.

Water butts vary in size from smaller 95 litre tubs to giant 700 litre tanks, place a few under the downpipes at your property and have waste water on tap.

Tip 2

Be a skinflint with water butt water

Only use water butt water for the plants that need it the most. Saplings, freshly planted fauna and plants in containers require the most amount of water.

Place well-established plants with large roots at the bottom of your list, they’re hardier than they look.

Tip 3

Use tubs and buckets

If you know there’s going to be a heavy downpour of rain leave buckets and tubs out in the garden. This way, you’ll have a supply of water to fall back on once the weather starts to improve.

Transfer the liquid into a watering can and you’re good to go with free water in the garden.

Tip 4

Cut back on sprinklers

Try to limit the amount of times you use a sprinkler system around your borders. A better solution is to use a trickle system or a drip watering solution as they are also known.

Automatic drip watering solutions are up to 90% more efficient than sprays or sprinklers, they use a pressure reducing valve that is coupled to a timer and place water, drip by drip, directly onto the soil.

Tip 5

Lay an artificial lawn

Stop squandering time trying to keep your lawn lush over the summer, lay an artificial lawn and you don’t have to worry about wasting water.

Our lawns look beautiful at Forever Green and we regularly receive comments about how green and gorgeous they are. Harvest water by all means just save it for other areas around your garden, why waste water on a lawn when you don’t have to?

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